Job Hunters – What Type of Job Hunter Are You?

There are so many different ways to look for jobs. Job Hunters are as different as the people that live next door to us. We act different and we hunt different. These are some of the ways job hunters go about finding work.

The Internet Site Hunters:

These people sit at home and type in their city or zip code and all the job positions in their area pop up. Next they send in a resume by email or directly through the companies web site and wait for someone to call them. Their hunt is over. They have found the right job for them and the phone should ring soon, but more than likely they will not receive that call. There is more to getting a job than just sending in a resume via internet. What you should do next is the most important information I can give. Find a phone number for this company. Try the companies website , yellow pages, or maybe even a friend that works there.

Talk to someone that works in the Human Resource department or a secretary in the office. They can give you important information on this job. Do you have any of the requirements that they are looking for. This is the time you should fill out your resume. You now have keywords from their description of the job. See if you can get a name to use for the cover letter. Sometime they won’t give you the name of the manager that does the interviews for hiring, then ask if you could use their name. A name can give your cover letter and resume a better look or even a second look. If the job you are seeking is close to where you live, ask if you can set up a meeting with the person you just talked to. Tell them you are in the area and would like to bring your resume in. They now have a face to go with your resume and they may remember you later when pulling resumes for the job.

The “Friend or Relative is going to get me a job where they work” Hunter.

They like for someone else to do the work for them. Lets see if they can get me in the door. It’s OK if they give you a hint that the companies going to hire, but keep it to yourself. Some companies don’t like to hire friends or relatives. Uncle Bob or Jimmy may not be so good 안전토토사이트 of workers themselves and they don’t need more of them. My suggestion is to keep friends and relatives out of your resume and cover letter. There are some friends and relatives that has helped people get a job, I also know that some companies won’t hire them. The question is which companies are they? This person could be a very good worker but won’t get a chance because of someone they know. Keep friends and relatives out. The only time it could be in your favor is when its a family run business or that Uncle Bob plays golf every weekend with the hiring manager.

There is a job hunter I like to call the Gullible Hunters.

These poor people will fall for every scam, dishonest and trickery that is out there. Pay me some money, fill out this resume and I will guarantee you a job. Have you seen these adds? Work at home and make 1,000 dollars a day. Think about this, if you made that kind of money would you share it with others? If the job doesn’t sound right to you or you have that red flag warning going off, don’t make any decisions until you check the job out. Look the job up in Job Scams or Job Freud. You will probably find the answer to your gut feelings there. Remember if you have to pay someone to get a job, then it’s probably a scam. There are legit stay at home jobs, but you will need to investigate them to see if they are real, usually if they don’t ask for money then they are real. If you are thinking about starting your own business then it is going to cost you money.

These are some of the jobs I know that cost you money to get started.. A truck driver needs a CDL license, Real Estate Agent, Insurance Salesman. It cost to take the classes and the State Test, this comes out of your pocket, though some companies may pay for your test and physicals. Also when you market yourself it cost money; business cards, paper adds, supplies, websites, etc. Because it’s for your business, look to your tax people for advice. Hopefully you will make money once you get all your requirements in order. You need to be careful though because there are scams in businesses too. So to all the gullible job hunters a word of advise, check the job out carefully, don’t fall for “pay me to work here” promotions, and if a red flag goes up then walk!

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