Whitewater Paddles and Whitewater Kayaking

Paddle is an instrument that is used to push against water, either for propulsion or for mixing. Paddles that are generally used in kayaks and canoes are commonly made up of wooden, fibreglass or metal rods in the middle, consisting of a handle and a sheet. Paddles that are used in kayaks generally are much longer, and they have sheets at both ends, and one can handle them from the center of their shaft. Whitewater paddles are the same as kayak paddles.

There are “feathered” whitewater paddles and there are “un-feathered” whitewater paddles. Unfeathered Paddles usually have blades in one plane, when seen from under the shaft and the feathered ones have their blades in separate planes. It is usually necessary to measure inflatable paddle board the feathered Paddles, by the degree to which they are “feathered”. They come in a degree of “feather” of 30 degrees, 45 degrees and sometimes 90 degrees also. Most of today’s paddles are completely customizable. The user can even adjust the degree of feather. Even the shaft can sometimes come in an untraditional form; sometimes the shaft may have a little “crank” in it in order to make the user more comfortable with the paddle and it also reduces strain on the arms and the wrist. Whitewater paddles are held entirely by the user. The weight of the paddle is actually not borne by boat at all. Hence, most of these whitewater paddles usually weigh lesser than 2 pounds.

There are many companies that manufacture whitewater paddles. The competition between them is fierce, because of the demand for them. Among some of the best whitewater paddles are H2o Paddles. The H2o line of paddles have 4 unique design features, including Multi Component Blades, Grip Indexed Ergo Bent Shaft, Dual Size Grips and User Adjustable centre joints. These products are designed to reduce the strain on the arms and the wrists, while also making it more easy to steer and manoeuvre. Also, these paddles give you a lot of grip.

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