Vital Rezv Anti Aging Review

Vital Rezv is one of the latest anti-aging longevity supplements to be released on to the market since Dr Oz first carried out his Resveratrol review of the “Blue Zones”, which was published by the National Geographic in 2008. What this research unearthed was that Resveratrol was present in two of these communities which the Blue Zones labeled “Hot Spots” – the places which have the highest number of centenarians per capita in the world.

In fact Resveratrol in its purest form is consumed in large quantities in both communities but in two very different forms. The first community in Sardinia get their rezv fix in their local tipple of red wine whilst the second community in Okinawa consume rezv in a number of their recipes as it’s found in high concentrations in their staple Knotweed plant.

Of course Resveratrol has been known about for some years to potentially effect longevity but it was only when these Vitalflow studies were released that supplement manufactures started to rethink how they could improve their brands.

Since then, scientists have been working on producing a safe and powerful formula of Resveratrol so that it will deliver stronger results than just 2 glasses of wine a day. Dietitians argue however that in order for you to get Resveratrol to offer you the same benefits it does to both Sardinians and Okinawans, 20-50mg is required each day.

This is because Resveratrol is a natural anti-oxidant which when consumed on a regular basis, strips away the toxins that layer your arteries, therefore allowing your heart to function more economically under less stress – and less stress equals a stronger heart which in turn will increase your lifespan. Any lower dosage and you will not receive the desired effect.

Vital Rezv is one of the few brands that contains over 50mg per capsule and it labels itself as “America’s Number 1 Anti-Aging Tab”.

Vital Rezv does offer free trials for the first 14 days where you just pay shipping and handling at $5.95, where upon you receive two containers each including 60 capsules each.

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