Burn Fat – Build Muscle

Finding a suitable exercise program for your fitness goals will depend on your body weight and type, your genetic makeup and it must be a workout that you will do on a continuous basis.

Most fitness beginners are suffering from inactive lifestyles and poor eating habits, causing a downward unhealthy trend that can result in always being overweight and possibly being burdened with chronic diseases if a change isn’t made beforehand.

Taking action is the most important part, so getting motivated to exercise is one of the biggest barriers facing those that truly want to get on the road to looking and feeling good.

Fact is, once you begin a workout program, it should be hard, and intense, in order to reap all the benefits of a structured workout regimen. This intensity will not only help your metabolism but will have fatburning and muscle building effects for a period after you’ve finished your routine. Research has proven harder is better for these results.

If you are overweight, you want to burn as much fat as possible in the beginning with vigorous aerobics, jogging, bike riding, jumping jacks and any of the other cardio type exercises, otherwise your building muscle under fat.

You also must include strength training into your fatburning workout and as you lose weight, you will slide the scale up to include more strength and muscle building exercises while reducing the cardio on your normal workout day.

A good idea is to try and do at least 15 minutes  Acidaburn of stimulating cardio on the off days to maintain burning more calories than your taking in.

The intense non-stop muscle building routines will also have a fatburning effect.
Of course, if your not eating right and eliminating all bad eating habits, it will be a never ending struggle to truly get fit.

Well after 35 years of fitness conditioning and 15 years of using a workout system that I developed after a near death experience involving free weights, I’ve decided to produce and offer the same device and all the tools necessary to get into excellent shape now and into your retirement years.

Read Bench Press Horror:

The WorkoutBandit will enable you to finally have a structured workout routine that is guaranteed to burn fat and tone and build muscle with proven results for maintaining a proper fitness program that will control weight and enable you to get into the best condition ever.

I’m no Arnold, but I have a better physique than most people half my age and I only workout three days a week for forty five minutes. I’m a healthy 52 years old.

Fortunately, I began fitness training at a young age and was only trying to look like I didn’t need to workout. I never had the desire to spend so much time to get really ripped. So the early good results motivated me to make it an important part of my life.

I also was lucky to to be a Chicago Health Club (Bally’s) member in 1973 when the Nautilus resistance equipment came on the scene. The accurate intense movement is the key for any body sculpting success.

This effective resistance equipment inspired me to design a program and device after the horrible experience I had with a 175lb. bar bell. I haven’t used weights since.

At the time I simply didn’t have the desire or the space for an expensive bulky contraption, so I used my fabricating skills from my body shop experience to duplicate what these machines offered.

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