Christmas Gift Ideas for Golfers

Looking for a great and unique gift idea for the golfer in your life? If so, I bet you’ve already considered some of the more “traditional” golf gifts – things like new clubs, a new bag, golf shirts, shoes, training aides, etc. But, since you’re reading this article, I’m guessing that you decided that those gift ideas were not good enough. Perhaps they’re too traditional. Perhaps the golfer you’re shopping for already has enough golf shirts (who doesn’t?!) and doesn’t need new clubs. Or perhaps you’re just the type of person that likes to give creative gifts instead of the standard, boring gifts.

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Whatever your motivation, I’d like to use this article to introduce you to a couple of unique and creative gift ideas for golfers that you may not have considered. All of the golf gifts for men and women that I’m going to mention here are experience gifts. If you are unfamiliar with experience gifts – they are exactly what they sound like. Whereas traditional gifts are things that people take home and keep at their house and use when they want/need to, experience gifts give people an opportunity to go and do something new and unique and create memories that they carry with them for a lifetime Golf Gift Idea T-Shirt. So what kinds of experience gifts are there for golfers?

The most popular of the experience golf gifts for men is one on one lessons with a PGA pro. Now, before you go saying how you know that so-and-so would hate to get some lessons and that they don’t need them and so on…stop and think about it for a minute. PGA professionals are simply the best golfers in the country. No Average Joe Golfer can become a PGA pro, so these lessons will be far and away better than what he’ll be able to get at his local driving range (unless they have a PGA pro on staff). Further, think about all the things that golfers do to try to improve their score – buy new clubs, try different balls, use training aides, read magazines…the list goes on. How many of those things do you think actually help them get the results they want? Well, since they continue to buy them, I’m going to guess zero. Why? Because none of those things are tailored specifically for the individual golfer. Golf magazines can’t write an article that will help cure everyone’s slice because everyone has a difference swing. However, a trained PGA pro will be able to look at their swing and provide the tips they need to improve their swing. So, these are not your average beginner lessons – they’re more of a coaching session with the best possible coach. Best of all, lessons with a PGA pro are not nearly as expensive as you’d think and are available across the country.

If lessons with a PGA pro are not something that you think they’d like, what about a chance to play at one of the courses that the PGA plays at in their most prestigious tournaments? Getting on to these courses can be a lifelong dream for many golf fans and often involves sitting on a waiting list for years. However, with the help of an experience gift company, you can get them a tee time on famous courses like Pinehurst, PGA National, The Homestead, and more.

Finding great golf gifts for men and women that love the game does not necessarily have to involve a trip to the local golf superstore. Instead, check out what experiential gift companies have to offer in your area in the way of gifts – you (and they) will definitely be surprised.

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