Common Sleep Disorders and Their Symptoms

Many people across the country suffer from daytime fatigue cause by restless sleep. Approximately forty-four million Americans experience sleep loss due to common sleep disorders. The benefits of getting good quality sleep are endless. You wake up refreshed and have more energy. It is easier to stay at a healthy weight. Work performance is significantly improved. Prolonged sleep loss can be severely damaging to your health. By getting enough sleep each night, you can prevent chronic illnesses and have better overall health. A disorder could be present if you are waking up tired and having trouble sleeping. Determining what is causing your sleep loss can be difficult. It helps to know what the most common sleep disorders are and what symptoms to look for.

Common sleep disorders that you should not ignore - eHealth Magazine

Sleep apnea is one of the most common disorders and affects one out of every ten people. It is very difficult to detect because the symptoms occur during the night and are not remembered by the affected person. This condition occurs when your airway becomes blocked by tissue or collapses. The muscles that keep the airway open relax at night and make it easier for an airway blockage to occur. Common symptoms of sleep apnea include loud snoring, gasping or choking, and daytime fatigue. Memory loss, trouble concentrating, mood swings, and irritability are also all symptoms of this condition. If a sleep apnea treatment is not put into place, your medical conditions such as heart disease can develop common sleep disorders. Nightly episodes can occur many times each hour and a complete blockage can be fatal. The most common sleep apnea treatment used is Continuous Positive Airway Pressure. A machine is used to supply constant air pressure into the airway so it remains open during sleep.

Another common disorder that many people suffer from is Restless Leg Syndrome or RLS. RLS is often inherited and results from low production of a chemical called dopamine. Symptoms include trouble getting to sleep, waking multiple times, an unpleasant sensation in the legs and arms, and twitching or kicking while asleep. These symptoms occur in the evening and at night. Treatments involve dopamine medications and possibly iron supplements. Low iron has been found to reduce the levels of dopamine produced.

One other very common disorder is sleep deprivation. This can be self inflicted due to the demands people have from work and home. Many people trade sleep time in order to do things they enjoy but don’t have time for in a regular day. If this occurs for long periods of time, you can become sleep deprived. Sleep deprivation can also be a symptom of other disorders. If a disorder is not present, making getting enough sleep priority and changing your habits can resolve the problem very easily.

Other disorders include narcolepsy, insomnia, circadian rhythm disorders and parasomnias. All of these can be very solid on your health if not detected and treated. It is best to see your doctor if you believe one of these conditions may exist. They can run various tests to make sure there are no medical conditions causing your sleep issues and recommend you to a specialist if a diagnosis cannot be reached.

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