China’s Growth – Amazing and Alarming

Many say that China’s growth should not alarm the US, as all nations go through growth periods, and the civilization cycles are well documented throughout history. Of course, no nation with 1.3 billion people has ever gone through such a growth period, and there are inherent risks involved. Industrial revolutions, worker revolts, economic crisis, resources, food, etc, etc, and of course there will be challenges with all things that civilization need to remain viable.

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Things like education, transportation, energy, common currency, distribution, military, security, laws, water, and that list too is quite long. It all has to come together or it will fall apart. And in a global world we cannot allow that to happen, as failure in China is not an option, it could take down the whole world economically speaking. Civilization do collapse however, and they always impact their neighbors, enemies, and trading partners as they grow, and not always for the good either.

Right now, China is now the largest holder of US debt and many worry they might demand their money back if they implode economically or come into a huge crisis. Some say this will never happen as it would hurt the dollar and make their investments of no value China’s silk road economic belt. So, the questions is; won’t or can’t, and realize the folks behind all this have lots invested in keeping it going. Currently, China owns about 1 Trillion in US Treasuries.

If you were China what would you do, what is in your best interests? Sun Tzu would wait, and the Chinese are long-term thinkers, patience in such things, meanwhile their older Red China guard is passing the torch, although Mao’s grandson is now the youngest general in the Red Army.

All interesting as we sell Patriot Missiles to Taiwan, fight Taliban with Chinese weapons, and watch the tentacles of China reach through Pakistan into the Karakoram [old silk roads] highway, and all the Upper “stans” with pipelines. Things are getting interesting indeed. The story and China’s tentacles flow to all corners of the globe, affecting every nation, on every continent. Please consider all this.

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