Wooden Furniture: A Great Source of Home Decor

Wooden furniture used to be associated with the lower class or the lower middle class, but this is not so anymore. The rise of global trade and the increasing popularity of antique furniture have seen wooden pieces coming back into the mainstream. Now, if you walk into your local antique store, you can find a range of beautifully crafted and intricately designed antique and vintage reproductions that would have been too difficult to manage just few decades ago.

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The most popular furniture now being sold in the market includes tables, chairs, chests, drawers, bookcases, bed frames and many other furniture items. These are made using high quality hardwoods such as maple, ash, oak, cherry etc. This wood is easily recognized by its distinct golden brown color and smooth texture. They have that rich texture that cannot be found in any other kind of wood available in the world today. Another unique quality of this wood is that it is extremely strong and quite durable, and can be used for hundreds and thousands of years without cracking, splitting, breaking, buckling, or splintering.

Hardwoods have many benefits as compared to softwoods. The primary benefit is that they don’t absorb much moisture and therefore need only minimal treatment and maintenance. Another important feature is that they do not have any kind of distinctive marks and therefore can easily be painted. The third advantage is that they don’t grow back very fast or easily and thus require less space in order to store them. And lastly, they are very flexible and can be designed in different ways, such as using joinery, carving or grooving https://noithatthinh.com/gia-bo-ban-an-6-ghe/.

Softwoods are far more durable than hardwood and can thus withstand a greater weight and longer time. However, softwoods do not have the same natural oils present in hardwood that can significantly reduce the decay and shrinking of the furniture after several years. Softwoods also come with a very natural look and feel and thus, are mostly preferred when decorating a house. The main article of these woods is Oak, which is the most common type of hardwood utilized for furniture.

You may also encounter some kind of mixed case, such as cherry, maple, or birch. The mixture of these three main types of wood results to a very unique design that usually looks like a combination of the mentioned woods. In recent years, there have been some greek furniture manufacturers that made their own combination from these three woods and improved its quality and appearance. There are some designs that look more modern and elegant, while there are some that have that antique look.

These contemporary designs come in a variety of styles, sizes and shapes that can surely fit to any room in your house. These wooden pieces of furniture were first manufactured during the era of Greek furniture design around 300 BC. Some of the most famous pieces include the sofas and tables made of marble, ivory, glass, as well as the platters and bowls made of copper and the chess boards made of alabaster. These amazing pieces of furniture were first used during the Olympic Games that took place in Athens during the time of ancient Greece.

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