Examinations – How to Pass an Examination With Flying Colors

Examinations are a significant part of every student’s life. Colleges or universities around the world typically conduct exams either to measure the progress of a student with respect to the course he/she is undertaking or to gauge the knowledge/talent of a student with respect to a subject. Because there is so much importance given to exams, sometimes to an extent where they decide the career path of an individual, ‘How to pass in a particular exam?’ or ‘How to secure a good grade or percentage in an exam?’ are the questions that are asked by millions around the world.

Moving from examinations to education

While different types of exams need different sorts of preparation the following are some of the common things that can stand you in good stead in the process of taking an examination in general:

1. Studying the course material: The first and foremost aspect to any examination is familiarizing yourself with the topics that are covered in the examination that you are preparing for read this. This is often the toughest phase and calls for good discipline and time management. A student who can balance his studies with extra curricular activities and spends good and the necessary amount of time studying is the one that reaps the benefits at the end.

2. Self-confidence: Being confident in your abilities is very important, because an examination might contain tricky questions that you might not have seen before (while preparation), during times like these it is the confidence that you have in yourself that keeps you going. “I can do it!”, “I am good enough and if this is a question that I cannot answer/solve, not many can.”, these are the words that should ideally come to your mind when you confront a tough situation either while taking the exam or during the preparation phase itself.

3. Calm mind: This might well be the smallest but is certainly the most important ingredient that is needed to do well in an exam. No matter how well you have prepared, no matter how confident you are about yourself, you need a calm and peaceful mind to keep pessimistic thoughts at bay and present yourself and what you know on the paper. Interestingly, the easiest way to attain a calm and peaceful mind before the exam is by following steps 1 and 2, i.e. preparing yourself well in advance for the test and staying confident about your abilities. Last minute preparation should be avoided because it is often unsettling and disturbing to the mind before an exam.

4. Presenting yourself: The last part in the whole process is writing the exam itself. If you have followed steps 1, 2 and 3, you might be surprised to know that this is actually the easiest of all, because if you know the answer/solution to a question, the easiest thing to do would be to answer/solve it. However, tiny things like looking at all the questions in the paper to ensure you have not missed any question or section of a paper must be taken care of.

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