Bible Verses That Highlight the Controversy and Conspiracy Against God

The majority of humans share the same weaknesses when it comes to ideas about God. They have to follow rather than think for themselves. They have to be taught rather than listen to their inner voice. They have to be led like sheep in order to survive. And they are as confused as one another about what is right and wrong with the world. This leaves them open to exploitation.

Kings are in great positions to exploit and to lead according to their own agenda. So it was with Constantine who, in 325 AD, established the Catholic order and invented Jesus Christ as its prophet. This is foretold in Revelation 13:13-18 which identifies him. It was given to me in a vision which showed in large capital letters before my face CONSTANTINE IS 666 comforter bible verse.

This followed the commissions given to me to tear down the wall of churches and to bring back the young. Later I would also be asked to take God off the cross. By the time the story came together to allow me to do these things many other commissions and visions had been received. Together they paint the big picture and explain why things have happened, why we are here, and of the Mountain of God that is a new teaching for the end of times.

Ezekiel 22:25-26 clearly set out the controversy that hides God and it involves the false prophets and the lies told by priests and others. This is repeated in Jeremiah 15:15 and 22:21-32. There can be no doubt about the messages in these passages.

The controversy has robbed the spiritual people and buried the truth. Micah 4 promises that at this time the mountain of God will be built above the mountains and all people will flow to it. This is what my commissions and the promises in the Old Testament prophecies forecast.

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