How to Download and Install Avast Anti Virus

We recommend using Avast anti-virus for a few reasons. Not only is it a very powerful tool, but it is very easy to use even for beginner computer users. It is free for home use and requires very little active user maintenance to run. Once you have it setup, you don’t need to tinker around with it for over a year. Let’s explain how to install the program.

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To download Avast, visit and download the free home edition. You can either download the user installation file or the English installation file. Once it is downloaded, double click the icon to proceed. The introduction screen will appear. Click Next. The second screen has some technical information including the minimum requirements for Avast. If you bought your computer within the last 12 years, you will be fine. Click Next again. Now you will be prompted to agree to the end user license agreement. You can read through this if you would like to, otherwise click “I agree” and move along. You will now be prompted for a destination folder to install the program. It is best to leave the default input as it is. The following screen provides configuration options that you should not tinker with. Finally, the last screen before the actual installation gives a quick summary. Clicking Next will install the program.

Once the installation is complete windows 11 download and Install, you will be prompted to schedule a boot time scan. This is one of our favorite features of avast because it allows the program to clean up your computer before windows starts (and the viruses!). Clicking yes will schedule the scan and render your computer inoperable for a couple hours next time you reboot the machine. We recommend clicking NO at this time. The next screen will ask you to reboot your machine. Simply click restart later.

Find your newly installed Avast icon on your desktop and double click it. This will run the actual program. You will be prompted to enter your license key or press demo. Demo will allow you to use the program for 2 months before registering. Registration is free for home use and is a very quick process. Your license key will last 14 months at which point you can just re-register. We recommend getting it out of the way today! Click the program registration link.

Your default web browser will now open and take you to the avast website where you will be asked to register. The whole process involves providing your e-mail address (where the key will be sent), offering your name, your intent to use the program at home, your country, age and computer level. A few optional dialogues ask you why you chose avast and which antivirus you used prior to using avast. Finally, enter the security code image and click “Register for free license.”

Go to your email and copy paste the key you were provided in to the still open avast program and click okay. Voila! You’re ready to use avast for the next 14 months.

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