The Benefits of a Massage Chair

How many times have you come home from a long day at work- no matter what sort of work you do for a living, and every muscle in your body hurts? Your neck muscles are so tight, that merely moving your head from side to side seems like more effort than it’s worth. If you’re in construction or some other physical type of work, your back, legs and shoulders take a beating each and every day. If you’re employed in an office, stress levels can have a greater physical effect on you than such a physical job does. For these reasons, more and more working folks are buying different types of massage chairs.

For thousands of years, the benefits of massage have been known and utilized at all four corners of the globe. Ancient Asian teachings tell about massage benefits in the dynasties of long ago, and the importance of the practice to soldiers at war. Sweden has been known for its famous massage techniques for centuries, attracting clients from all over Europe for a few minutes under the fingers of a Swedish masseuse Asian Massage new york.

Lucky for us, all of the healthful benefits of a massage are available without the need to schedule an appointment or leave a tip, minus any sort of human interaction, too. Thanks to modern technology, we can have it all whenever we chose in the privacy of your own home, as we now have access to the Massage Chair.

Research shows us three main reasons why massage is a beneficial part of life:

1. Massages improve lymphatic and venous flow: Whenever you move muscles, maybe from working out, working hard or manipulating them by massage, you’re increasing the blood flow in your body. The increase of blood flow aids in circulation and your body’s ability to absorb nutrients into your muscles and tissues. By increasing the lymphatic circulation, your body has the ability to clear toxins out of these areas. The end result is a completely revitalized massage area.

2. Massage increases endorphin levels: Endorphins are the “feeling good” chemicals that run through the body. By increasing their levels, massage allows you to feel good and generally be a happier person. Personal stress levels seem to drop as the little irritants seem to not be as important as you once thought they were.

3. Massage improves flexibility as it decreases tension: Massaging tired and aching muscles will help them (and you) to relax.

Massage benefits work both on your physical body and your psychological frame of mind, reducing the common symptoms of back pain and stress at the same time. Many massage chairs have been designed with the same goals in mind as a traditional massage, only you don’t have to worry about driving when you’re through.

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