The Movie Sports Toto


The latest movie starring Tom Cruise as John Candy has been released in theatres across the globe. In this movie, John Candy takes on the role of a boxing champion who also happens to be a professional wrestling champion. This makes for an interesting comparison, since we all know that in the past John Candy was a professional wrestler himself. In addition, John Candy also happens to be one of the biggest stars in Hollywood at the moment. Therefore, I thought I would share my thoughts on the film with those people who are either fans of John Candy or who have known him for a long time.

The movie is in fact quite entertaining and will make many people laugh. One thing that made the movie even better was the inclusion of some well placed throw lines. The throw line “You’re too old for this stuff” sums up pretty much the entire movie in a nutshell. It’s just one of those classic jokes directed at the masses, which brings out the inner child in us all 먹튀업체.

Based on the book of the same name, the film follows John Candy as he returns to the ring once again following his retirement from boxing. He wants to win another boxing championship, but he knows that he has to do it against someone else, someone with twice his experience. So he plots something totally implausible and incredible. He hires Mexican drug lord Zorrilla (Efren Ramirez) to get the job done. Zorrilla plans to poison John Candy, throw him out of a plane and then throw him out a window, all in an effort to frame him for a crime he did not commit.

While this movie is comical in a sense, it does not take itself too seriously. For instance, you would never think a sports film would have a plot where a boxer is supposedly thrown out of a plane, but in this film it almost happens. The sports aspect of the film is what makes it so hilarious, because we all can picture John Candy as a professional athlete competing in the octagon. Most of the humor occurs when John Candy realizes he is going to be thrown out of the plane, but what gets him there are some hilarious scenes involving his friends and some colorful local sportscasters. One of these scenes involves the guy covering his nose with his hair while he is being sprayed by a police officer.

While this movie is not really about sports, it is more about what sports can teach us about life. We are constantly being exposed to sports media, whether it be live games on television, highlights on radio, or articles written about athletes in magazines. This constant exposure to sports leaves us with many misconceptions about how sports should be played, especially when it comes to fighting.

While it was a great movie, in the end Sports Toto is just a comedy. It has just enough twists and turns to keep it interesting, but it ultimately falls flat. I would have liked more twists throughout, more characters, and a few laughs. All in all, this is just a forgettable film that had enough humor to make it entertaining. Don’t waste your time watching it… you’re better off checking out some other funny films such as Homefront or A Few Good Men.

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