Using a Rearview Mirror Hidden Camera Can Prevent a Car Crash

No matter what kind of vehicle you drive, there are still blind spots that prevent you from seeing what you need to see in order to prevent a car crash. Many car crashes could have been prevented over the years if only today’s technology had been available. Now that it is available in the form of a rearview mirror hidden camera, you can feel more secure when driving. The use of a hidden camera attached to your rearview mirror will give you better vision for what is coming up around you and aid in preventing an accident.

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Since even today’s newer cars have blind spots, the option to add camera surveillance in the form of a hidden camera aids in better vehicle security and safety. It is a safety precaution we all need in today’s world. Now that you know how a rearview mirror hidden camera can benefit you in preventing an accident, we will cover how it works and the product features Autel maxisys mselite.

This particular hidden camera attaches to your rearview mirror and has front and rear color cameras along with built in DVR functions as well as audio. The following is an overview of the features available on the rearview mirror hidden camera.

* Built-in Color Camera – Featuring digital technology that is compatible with an SD card (8 MB card included but accepts up to 16 MB card) all contained in this small 1/4 inch color camera.

* Rotation and Recording – This tiny color camera rotates 330 degrees and allows for recording via built-in DVR. The rotation includes interior and exterior views so you can see inside and outside of your car with no blind spots.

* External Wireless Camera – Included with this is a wireless camera that can be mounted in the rear dash or to an area on the outside of your vehicle.

* Easy to Read LCD Monitor – The monitor is a 3.6 inch LCD Thin Film Transistor style that plays or replays activity on your rearview mirror. You can switch from external to front camera options with the touch of a button.

* Battery – This also includes a convenient built-in rechargeable battery that you can charge through your cigarette lighter or a USB option for your computer. This is completely portable and easy to use.

This rearview mirror hidden camera is truly the most revolutionary way to provide yourself with more effective vehicle safety and peace of mind. You can get more information on this amazing piece of vehicle safety equipment and even see videos of it in action online.

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