European Muslim Migration Is Not Blending With the Hard Work Ethic Culture

The European Union was reminded of the discontent of their immigration policies in a big way when Britain cast their votes (70% voter turnout to the referendum) to leave the EU (Brexit), as one of the biggest grievances was the incredible influx of immigrants from Islamic failed states. Now other nations like Italy, Denmark, and Sweden are considering on floating their own referendums. Even France may put up a vote, wow, this could spell the early demise of an already slow motion train wreck. Suffice it to say, the European Union may not be long for this world.

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There was an interesting piece in The Post – Conservative News, titled; “Less Than 500 of 163,000 Muslim Migrants to Sweden Are Employed,” posted on Saturday the 4th of June 2016, by Natalie Myers, which stated:

“In 2015, Sweden allowed over 163,000 asylum seekers into the country brexit millionaire reviews. A new report states that out of these 163,000 people, only 494 are employed, meaning the rest are living for free off of Sweden’s various assistance programs. When an asylum seeker arrives in Sweden, he or she is allowed to get a job even if they don’t yet have a work or residence permit. This exception is called the ‘at-und’ and is generally processed upon the asylum seeker’s arrival into the country. The country announced plans to deport over 80,000 of these migrants in January, and based on these reports.”

Those same statistics are not the same in Britain, but they are not that great either. The European Union is forcing member states to accept huge numbers of immigrants, refugees, and it is undermining their member nation’s societies and economies, even putting impossible demands on their education systems, health care systems, and government budgets to the point of exhaustion.

The EU leadership will not listen to its member nations and just continues to bring forth more politically correct socialist directives – the British People have had enough, they voted out, they are not alone as many other member nations are not too happy about what is going on in their respective nations. It appears it is taking the Muslim Immigrants a little bit of extra time to assimilate into the various societies in Europe which is no wonder considering how different life is where they are coming from, it’s foreign and new, nothing like they’ve grown accustomed to. Forcing huge numbers is causing strains to the breaking point of many EU member states, it’s not working, nor is any real corrective action being taken.

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