Austin mcBroom Vs Bryce Hall – Will This Match Make Or Break the Summer?

If you haven’t been to the WSOF: Austin Texas event yet, then you need to go and see it. For those who have been to the event, you know that it is an excellent wrestling show featuring some of the best wrestlers in the world including some of the top names in the UFC and WWE. It is also a fantastic showcase for amateur wrestlers to display their talents. There are so many matches on the card that you could go for months and still not see everything that is available to see at this show. So, who are you going to cheer for in this WSOF: Austin Texas main event?

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The opening match saw a match with two of the best Cruiserweights in the company, Austin Rivers and Zach Freeman. Both men used different tactics to take out their opponents and to seal the win. It was a fantastic match that really made you think about how good Austin and Briggs are as wrestlers, especially when they are in the ring together. They are a great tag team, and I have a lot of faith in both of them for their future in the wrestling business austin mcBroom vs bryce hall live.

After a great match between Austin and Briggs, the action moved on to determine the new World Heavyweight champion, which happened to be Rob Van Dam. He did a good job of taking out Hall, but ultimately, he was no match for Hall. A very interesting match up, but not one that I am going to get too involved in. Maybe I’m just hyped for the Austin-Bryce Hall rivalry, but this didn’t live up to expectations.

The main event was a match that really showcased Hall’s striking strength and also showcased one of his greatest weaknesses. His vulnerability to pin attempts has been a big problem in his wrestling career. Owen Rooks did a good job of taking Hall down but eventually got him down with ease. The match ended with Hall tapping out to a rear naked choke. I thought this would be a good match, but it just didn’t live up to my expectations.

After the show ended, I went back and looked at the list of wins and losses from the Owen Rooks v. Bryce Hall match. It turns out that he lost by submission to Bryce Hall. So, does Owen Rooks have what it takes to defeat Hall? Who is the new kid on the block that people are talking about? My verdict is that Rooks has a long way to go.

There are some big matches coming up for Hall and Rooks in the near future. My prediction for the remainder of the year is that both guys will have a fantastic match or two. Some might even have a chance to beat the best wrestler in the world. For now, I’m going to focus my attention elsewhere. I’m sure you’ll be able to see more of what these two have to offer come October.

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