Yin-Yang Christmas Gift Shopping In the 21st Century

Do you know that the day after Christmas (also called Boxing Day) stores right across America are filled with people trying to return and or exchange gifts that did not fit, were the wrong color or size, or they had too many of them already, (like neckties and socks) or they just did not like the item. Would you like to avoid this happening with the gifts you spent so much time shopping for, or would you prefer that family and friends actually like, cherish, appreciate and keep your gifts. If you do, what about adopting my yin-yang or negative-positive gift planning system.

The first stage of the process is to make a list of all the people to whom you intend to give gifts. When you think you have all the names, try to put them in categories and sub categories. There is no hard and fast rule for categorizing gift receivers. Decide on a system that you could be comfortable with. It could be as simple as a descending alphabetical order like A, B, C, D etc; or it could be complex taking in to account various levels of family, friends, business associates and coworkers. It is at this stage that you may realize that you left out an aunt or a friend who may be very unhappy if you didn’t add her to your list. 레플리카

Now comes the interesting part. Next to each name write a few notes that reflect what you know about him or her, especially what you know about each person’s like and dislikes. For instance there are 2 family members on my list for whom each year I just write – electronics. I don’t have to tell you they are geeks and they start dropping not so subtle hints from very early. Spend some time on this exercise because it is at this stage you avoid embarrassing mistakes like giving a pet puppy to a nephew who is allergic to dogs, or golf clubs to someone who has never been on a golf course and would not even watch the game on TV, or what could be worse than giving your wife the identical piece of jewelry this year because you forgot that you gave her the same gift last Christmas..

There are 2 more very important steps remaining. Write up gift suggestions and budgets. We will all like to give our wives, husbands and children the most expensive item in its class but very few of us could afford the luxury. So we have to plan and budget and ‘cut and contrive’ as my daddy always advised us. So start with an overall gifts budget and keep adding and subtracting prices to ensure that you don’t overspend.

The final stage is the actual shopping. A few years ago this task, and task it was, involved tracking from store to store on tired feet, through overcrowded malls; sometimes driving long distances following up newspaper, magazine and television ads. Today we could accomplish most of this in the comfort of our own homes, at any time of day or night, by shopping on the internet. On the internet you can take your time to decide, going back to an online store to recheck price or specifications, and give yourself some thinking and deliberation time before making the commitment. If you are on a strict budget its easy to check online sales and price promotions. Many online stores will even wrap and deliver your gifts. But remember to be careful, shop well-known online stores and avoid scammers and please don’t forget the wrapping paper and gift cards.

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