3 Simple Steps to Getting Your Local Business More Leads Using the Internet

Cash flow, for any business, is the life blood that keeps the business operational and creating profits for it’s owners and shareholders. To have cash flow, businesses need customers and clients to keep buying the product or service that they offer. And one of the ways to keep this momentum is to keep having new leads coming into your businesses marketing and sales funnel. The more leads you have, the increased chances your business has of creating sales.

The problem some times, is that it can be hard to advertise to get these leads in a cost effective manor, that is where the cost of getting leads does not outweigh the cost of the sales revenue from the leads. But here is a simple 3 step process you can adopt, particularly for your local marketing that will increase your leads with very little investment, and in fact if done correctly, will continue to provide you with leads even after it is setup 송파스웨디시.

Firstly, this method uses the power of the internet, so even if you don’t have a wonderful shiny business website, you can still do this.

  1. Firstly, do some keyword research. What do I mean by this? Well, the major of people looking for a small business or local provider for the product or service they are requiring will turn to Google as a search engine to find what they are looking for. Knowing this, we can then use what are called keyword research tools to find out what keywords people are actually using to find businesses just like ours. It is like free market research. You can use tools like the Google Keyword Tool to do this research. Google that phrase, and you will find the tool. Now, if you have already worked with an Search Optimisation Expert, your site may already be ranking for some of the keywords you find in the research step above. However, what we are looking for are keywords that people are searching for where there are a high level of searches in a month. Try set the search tool to only look at results for your local country. So for example, if you offer massage therapy services, you may look at keywords around massage. We are looking for
  2. localised combinations for the keywords. So in this example we might find the term massage therapist is highly searched on and so we would look at, “massage therapist [location]” example, “massage therapist nowra”. We can also search this term to see whether our existing site ranks for this term and also find our potential competitors.
  3. The next step is pretty straight forward. It is based on the fact that a lot of search engines will look at the keywords within a domain name to determine how it will rank a that particular website for that keyword. Knowing this, we just need to find out whether the domain name is registered for the keyword we found above. A quick way to do this, is visit a site like whois.domaintools.com, type in the URL you are looking at eg. Massagetherapistnowra.com and see whether it is available. If it is, that is great, head over to your domain buying site, for example GoDaddy.com and register the domain name. If not, you could possibly find the.net extension of the domain that is available and register that.
  4. Last step may involve you contracting a website designer to create a very simple website. This does not have to have a lot of content or be very complicated, that is what your main site is for. We just need to have some basic one or two pages of content, featuring your keyword, plus ensure that the keyword is targeted in the meta data. Set the page up with a simple offer or an email opt-in form to capture the leads and then wait for your site to rank. Remember that the opt-in page could just redirect the person back onto a section of your existing business website, the point being that you have a way to capture leads on this page.

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