Stress, We (Don’t) Need It

Stress, everyone must have felt it, particularly for hard workers and people with high positions. And also from among the students. Stress can occur anywhere and anytime. For most people, stress is a negative thing but there is also a look at it as something positive. At most just a lot of stress experienced by success person, but one that must be known. “Every success person must have the best way to overcome stress and only those who have a positive outlook towards the worst situation that can cope with stress so that stress is not to cause increased risk,” said Dr. Merrell Woodson and Beth Israel Hospital, New York. Stress have levels from mild to severe and varied impact. Starting from the light as much daydreaming, fret, no appetite, although some are not able to control what he ate when stressed.

Uncontrolled emotions and irritability are characteristic of mid-level stress. Even if it is to stressful conditions, someone could do such reckless suicide unable to bear the burden. Do not let stress control your self but everyone, unwittingly or not, need the stress of disease within a certain amount. The exact amount, the stress of disease may provide motivation to hone their intelligence in dealing with any situation that may arise and allow people to remain vigilant. You might never imagine life without the stress and problems, but this situation makes you not be motivated to do anything and achieve any goal in your life. 분당스웨디시

Stress is accumulative meaning if a mild stress can not be removed it will continue to accumulate up to accumulate and become a heavy burden that is far more difficult to overcome. Stress can cause the body to produce large amounts of the cortisol hormone which has been shown to cause us to lose cognitive functions and causes a weak immune system. If we can get stressful sometimes unkind to the people around us and the environment. The ideal is to have a stress in an amount sufficient to motivate our lives and quickly removed if deemed excessive because it can affect us and others. There are several ways to relieve stress to keep us focused on this life so do not do things that are not desirable:

1. Enough Sleep
Fatigue is not a good condition to cope with stress. Conditions of sleep deprivation will make you see the problem is exaggerated and exacerbated the situation. Sleep is an easy way to sleep because we can eliminate approximately 40% feel stress when you wake up and can handle any situation calmly. After sleeping body and mind will be cleared

2. Consumption Nutritious Food
Under conditions of stress, eat regularly and low-carbohydrate-containing foods will be very stony balancing blood sugar. Eat foods containing too much carbohydrate is not a good because it can increase the content of insulin in the blood that will cause you to feel tired

3. Drinking Water
Simply by drinking one or two glasses of water will greatly help you to be more relaxed and with a bodily fluid enough, you’ll avoid fatigue and exhaustion that would worsen the situation if your stress

4. Hobby
With hobbies, you can avoid excessive stress. Hobby of course you can do with a happy and comfortable as a hobby is something you often do and of course you like. Hobby that involves a lot of people are also highly recommended for this hobby will be very conducive to one’s social life. Hobbies is where you can express yourself freely as independent. Remove what was a burden on your mind that causes you stress

5. Sport
Do not shut himself in a bedroom, sitting dreamily, or lie down to sleep when your stress. Silence will not relieve stress. You just need a lot of time to move and if you can share with the people around you so that you can become more calm. You can exercise to relieve stress. Exercise proved to be very effective to overcome stress due to do sports will facilitate blood circulation and enlarge the space of the heart to receive more oxygen. Exercise will also help you to be able to sleep more soundly at night. Energy released when we exercise will also stimulate our body to produce more endorphins which are hormones that cause us to feel happy

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