English To Marathi Translation

English to Marathi is a language in which both the spoken and written parts are in an English- Hindi hybrid. Marathi and English are related to each other. The Marathi language was influenced by the Sanskrit language, while the English was influenced by the Arabic language. English to Marathi translation often happens when the person wants to communicate in a language that is close to his or her mother tongue, but wants to use a more convenient way of speaking.

Marathi people are well educated, well cultured and have a tradition of fair play. So, Marathi songs and stories are quite wonderful and are loved all over the world english to hindi translation. Many people want to learn and speak Marathi due to this. Marathi people are not very particular about their culture and norms and they don’t adhere too much to any religion.

Marathi people are good translators, as they easily grasp and comprehend any kind of dialect. Their diction and style of writing are also very impressive. Most of the Marathi people prefer to write in their Devanagari dialect. Marathi people regard English as their mother tongue and so they are open and welcoming to all. English to Marathi translation takes time because you need to carefully analyze the sentence structure and the usage of words in order to get the correct translation. This aspect takes a lot of patience and time.

There are many common mistakes made when people translate English to Marathi. One such mistake is the selection of the wrong word or phrase in English to Marathi. This is very common because the two languages share many words and sounds. You may find English to be monosyllabic but Marathi has a rich vocabulary. So, you will find English to have a few monosyllabic words in it, which will confuse the reader. This can easily be avoided by practicing reading the translation in both the languages.

Another common mistake that is committed is the use of incorrect punctuation and grammar. It is quite obvious that when you are translating from English to any other language, proper punctuation and grammar rules must be followed. Even if you are not comfortable with the rules of English grammar, it is not a big problem. All you need to do is practice reading the text in both the languages regularly. Once you get familiar with the correct usage of punctuation and grammar, you will feel more confident while writing Marathi text.

Writing and speaking in both the languages is a lot of fun. However, there are some nuances in Marathi which are not readily apparent with English. It takes some time to master the language. So, it is advised that you start learning the Marathi language with the help of an online course which will speed up your progress and ease your task of translating English to Marathi.

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