Real Magic Spells

Is there such a thing as real magic spells and real love spells? These are common questions amongst budding young wizards and witches of today aspiring to practice spells and magic, or even people who have no such aspirations, but are just curious.

With a flurry in magical programs such as Charmed, Merlin and films love spells that actually work like Harry Potter, the world of wizardry and witchcraft is growing in popularity. But are these realms of fantasy based in any reality at all? Also, why are we so excited with them?! Perhaps it’s indicating a longing for a break from our material life of science and fact through something that’s different, magical, otherworldly.

There’s something inbuilt in us human beings which hankers for and becomes excited by such a realm of magic and mystery. Perhaps we want the fun, the thrill, too feel the power of adjusting our worldly environment with something intangible; to cast a spell by waving our magic wand for good health and energy, for our troubles to desert us or to find loving relationships, fun and laughter.

I’ve seen sites catering for all sorts of needs of the magical customer, each offering their own specific variations of services such as spells of magic, black and white magic spells, free voodoo spells, free witchcraft spells, magic love spells, free love spells, free magic spells and recipes for spells and potions! And there are some pretty good potions out there, especially for homemade incense for festive celebrations like weddings or Sabbats.

People also question fearfully, is there such a thing as real black magic? What about voodoo? Is it dangerous? But what about the dark side?! Are we facing our own dark sides when we search for a black magic spell or a free voodoo spell?
Perhaps it is our consciousness that is the key to understanding this. Whatever our mind leans towards towards, it is often found that this is the general result that is created. Sometimes we don’t mean to create this, it just seems to happen! But that could be because it’s done subconsciously.

The gift of awareness shines a light upon our actions and indeed ourselves. When we recognise that this is what we are doing – creating at every moment – then perhaps we will become a little more conscious of our actions.

‘The rule of three’ and ‘harm none’ and are the witches’ rules of good practice. The eastern law of karma is very similar to this. Good action leads to good returning to you and if you do bad, with the intention to harm then, well, you can fill in the blank. Whatever you create is your responsibility.

Magic is about your intention. It’s personal to you. Your magic is about your will and personal power. And by power I don’t mean mighty might. I mean personal power; what we want, what we have to offer the world, to create our best creations. We all have the power to do this. To draw inspiration from our environment, people in your life, plants and trees, inanimate ancient objects like standing stones that have seen all weathers both good and bad, animals. Whatever it is, trust that you have inside you, your own special magical potential glowing at your fingertips.

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