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Bellator 287 is primed and ready to go down later today (Sat., Oct. 29, 2022) live from inside Allianz Cloud Arena in Milan, Italy. The featured bout will be a Lightweight bout between Adam Piccolotti and Mansour Barnaoui. Co-headlining the card will be a Middleweight fight between Fabian Edwards and Charlie Ward.
Many readers check in before, during, and after the fights to share their thoughts on all of the action, which will begin at 4. p.m. ET with YouTube “Prelims” and then transition to Showtime at 12:30 p.m. ET for main card action. Feel free to leave a comment (or 287) about the bouts and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show — it’s always a lot of fun!
155 lbs.: Adam Piccolotti vs. Mansour Barnaoui – Barnaoui via second-round submission, rear-naked choke (HIGHLIGHTS)
185 lbs.: Fabian Edwards vs. Charlie Ward – Edwards via unanimous decision
155 lbs.: Saul Rogers vs. Tim Wilde – Wilde via split-decision
145 lbs.: Justin Gonzalez vs. Andrew Fisher – Gonzalez via unanimous decision
155 lbs.: Davy Gallon vs. Daniele Scatizzi – Scatizzi via unanimous decision
155 lbs.: Thibault Gouti vs. Alfie Davis – Davis via unanimous decision
115 lbs.: Chiara Penco vs. Manuela Marconetto – Penco via split decision
145 lbs.: Yves Landu vs. Walter Cogliandro – Landu via unanimous decision
185 lbs.: Costello van Steenis vs. Kamil Oniszczuk – van Steenis via second-round submission
170 lbs.: Nicolo Solli vs. Bourama Camara – Soli via split decision
205 lbs.: Simon Biyong vs. Dragos Zubco – Biyong via second-round TKO
205 lbs.: Luke Trainer vs. Lucas Alsina – Trainer via first-round submission
185 lbs.: Steven Hill vs. Andrea Fusi – Hill via unanimous decision
135 lbs.: Sarvarjon Hamidov vs. Jose Maria Tome – Hamidov via first-round TKO (liver kick)
Adam Piccolotti vs. Mansour Barnaoui
Round 1: Quick takedown for Piccolotti. Barnaoui reverses position and is now in side control. Omoplata attempt from Piccolotti. Barnaoui escapes and now Piccolotti is looking for an armbar. Staying very busy looking for submission attempts. Another armbar attempt for Piccolotti. Barnaoui is looking to take his foe’s back. Shots to the side of the head for Barnaoui. Piccolotti now carrying Barnaoui on his back. Big shots to the side of the head for Barnaoui. Body lock in place for Barnaoui. Barnaoui has the rear-naked choke. Its tight. Piccolotti hanging on. Barnaoui releases the hold and is now raining down big shots from top position. 10-9 Barnaoui
Round 2: Piccolotti shoots, gets takedown. Barnaoui reverses position and he takes the back. He is looking for a body lock but Piccolotti is defended well here. Barnaoui is relentless and he now has the body lock. Barnaoui is relentless and he ultimately forced the tap.
Final result: Barnaoui def. Piccolotti via second-round submission (rear-naked choke)
Fabian Edwards vs. Charlie Ward
Round 1: Feeling out process throughout the first minute. Not a ton of offense being shown. Inside leg kick from Edwards. Ward with a nice jab, then a leg kick. Nice right hand straight down the middle lands for Edwards then a kick to the body. Edwards high kick forces him to lose his footing. Ward is now in Edwards’ guard. Ward not doing much with the great position he has. Edwars is trying to control Wards hands, doing a decent job for the moment. Edwards forces the action back to the feet and Ward tags Edwards with a short right hand. Solid round for Ward. 10-9 Ward.
Round 2: Solid right hand to the gut from Edwards. Edwards shoots for an early takedown and he gets it rather easily. In side control. Ward gives up his back, he works his way up but Edwards drags him back down. Ward bucks Edwards off his back and the action is back to the feet and up against the cage. They stop the action and they exchange words. Upon review, it appears that Ward landed a shot to the cup. Ward is stil lvery upset for whatever reason. Action resumes. Ward pushing the paces, lunges and lands a nice three-punch combo. Ward pushes Edwards up against the fence. Edwards changes level and scores another easy takedown. Ward works his way back up but Edwards takes him down again. Nice elbows from the top for Edwards and Ward’s forehead is cut open. Edwards is in full mount and he starts unloading HUGE elbows that are landing. Edwards looking for a choke, knee on Ward’s belly. Huge left hands lands for Edwards but he slips to the canvas. 10-9 Edwards
Round 3: High kick from Edwards whiffs. Edwards shoots for another takedown and he gets it, transitions right into mount. He has the hooks in and he flattens Ward out. Body lock now for Edwards, who is looking for the rear-naked choke. Ward defending well, for now. Edwards not giving up pursuit of the rear-naked choke. It looks like he has it, but Ward fights out of it. The mics are picking up the back-and-forth trasj talk between the two, with Edwards reminding war that he is No. 2 in the Bellator Middleweight division at the moment. And that is where the fight will end, with Edwards looking for the choke. After the fight is over. Ward doesn’t get up and is still chirping at Edwards. The get up and it seems as if the chirping is still going, but they were simply giving each other props. 10-9 Edwards
Final result: Edwards def. Ward via unanimous decision
Saul Rogers vs. Tim Wilde
Round 1: Rogers comes out aggressive. Wilde lands a left hand to score the first big shot of the fight. Rogers shoots for a takedown and he gets it. Full guard for Rogers. Side control now. Rogers manages to take Wilde’s back, looking for a rear-naked choke. Wilde is fighting the hands. Rogers lets go of his back and is in side control once again. Rogers raining down some punishment from this position, but nothing huge landing. In guard now. Back to side control. Rogers now looking for a front choke, now a guillotine. Good defense for Wilde. Rogers looking for the guillotine once again. Action back to the feet now. Wilde attempts a takedown to close out the round. 10-9 Rogers.
Round 2: Nice kick to the thigh from Wilde, then a kick to the head. Rogers shoots in for the takedown and he gets it. Wilde fights his way back to a standing position. They separate. Overhand right. Wilde goes for a kick to the leg and an overhand right lands for Rogers. One-two combo connects for Rogers. Wilde looking to time an uppercut. Wilde goes in for the takedown and he gets it. Wilde now in Rogers’ guard. Wilde landing some solid shots to Rogers’ rib cage. Rogers looking for an escape route, Wilde not giving it to him. Wilde lets Rogers back up, odd. Uppercut lands for Wilde. 10-9 Wilde
Round 3: Rogers opens up with a double jab. Fisher fires back with a left hand. Inside leg kick lands for Wilde. Rogers slowing a bit here. Rogers with a right hand down the middle. Wilde counters with an inside leg kick, Rogers shoots in and lands a takedown. Now in side control. He is looking for a guillotine, now a front choke but Wilde is defending well. Rogers takes Wilde’s back and is now on the hunt for the rear-naked choke. Again, Wilde is showing great defense. Action back to the feet. 20 seconds remain. Double jab for Wilde, Rogers with an inside leg kick. 10-9 Rogers
Final result: Wilde def. Rogers via split decision
Justin Gonzalez vs. Andrew Fisher
Round 1: Double jab from Rodriguez, Fisher counters with a sold right hand. Takedown stuffed by Fisher. Uppercut lands for Gonzalez. Fisher with a nice leg kick. A lot of feints show by Gonzalez to start the fight. Fisher landes a looping left hand. Gonz;es counters with a right hand and he shoots for the takedown. He gets it and takes Fisher’s back. Fisher fights his way back up to the cage. Foot stomps from Gonzalez. Fishers manages to break free and starts on the offensive. Nice leg kick from Gonzalez, then a right hand. 10-9 Gonzalez
Round 2: Fisher working the jab to open round two and Gonzalez with another solid kick to the leg. Gonzalez feints a takedown attempt. Solid overhand right lands for Fisher. Stiff jab from Gonzalez stops Fisher in his tracks. A lot of standup action in the first two rounds. Two straight rights land for Gonzalez. Nice three-punch combo lands for Gonzalez. Fisher counters with a left hand, partially blocked. Nice right hand lands for Fisher and he is starting to walk Gonzalez down, but only for a few steps because Gonzalez starts unloading strikes. Another cracking leg kick for Gonzalez. Looping overhand right from Gonzalez catches nothing but air. Another solid leg kick from Gonzalez. Jab to the stomach from Gonzalez and he follows it up with a nice right hand. A very close round. 10-9 Gonzalez.
Round 3: Another solid leg kick from Gonzalez finds its mark. Three straight jabs from Gonzalez to setup a looping left hand. Gonzalez fakes a leg kick and comes back up top with a right hand that cracks Fisher’s chin. One-two from Gonzalez, Fisher counters with a low kick of his own. Jab to nose and Fisher’s face is starting to show plenty of damage. Straight right hand down the pipe lands for Gonzalez. Action slowing just a tad, but it’s expected. Both men pushed hard in the first two rounds. Overhand right lands for Fisher. Nice jab lands for Gonzalez, he’s been on point with it all night. Fishers’ face is busted up and Gonzalez tags him with a solid right hand. Fisher goes for a lazy takedown and Gonzalez unloads to end the round and take the fight. 10-9 Gonzalez
Final result: Gonzalez def. Fisher via unanimous decision
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