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Mrs Hinch rose to fame after she started sharing cheap cleaning finds and hacks on her social media. More recently, fans have set up their own Facebook groups to share their own hack with one another. One cleaning fanatic has shared a quick method to unblock the sink with ease.
Posting on the Facebook group Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips, one fan asked what the best way was to clean and unblock the plug hole in her sink.
She asked: “Which is the best plug hole unblocker? Recommendations please.”
The woman explained how she has tried many different methods but hasn’t found one that actually works.
Cleaning fans rushed to the comments to explain how they clean their sinks which also helps unblock the plug hole.
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One cleaning fan commented: “FM drain clear granules.”
Another replied saying: “Definitely the best on the market.”
These can be purchased on Amazon. However, other fans recommended some cheaper alternatives that they have found to work just as well.
Another Mrs Hinch fan said: “Bottle of cheap Coke, pour and leave overnight works.”
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This works because its corrosive power helps unblock any gunk or dirt that has accumulated in the pipe and become stuck.
It is then recommended to pour hot water over it to flush away anything that may be left in the pipe.
Any coke is full with phosphoric acid which can help break down any build up that can clog your drains.
One other suggested: “I use Mr muscle drain unblocker gel leave overnight it will work if it’s really bad maybe needs done twice, then I use it monthly to keep it clear.”One Mrs Hinch fan revealed how a fizzy drink can help unblock the sinkThis can be purchased from supermarkets including Tesco and retails at around £4.
However, one cleaning fanatic suggested trying a homemade cleaning product that Mrs Hinch has also recommended in the past.
She said: “Soda crystals and white vinegar works wonders and its cheap.”
Mrs Hinch keeps her sink clean on a daily basis and recommended using a full cup of soda crystals to deep clean the sink and plughole.Cleaning: White vinegar has great cleaning propertiesShe pours the ample amount of crystals into the drain before pouring some white vinegar on top.
After around 15 minutes, the cleaning sensation pours boiling water over the plug hole which helps wash away any remaining soda crystals or grime.
To this, Sophie then adds a capful of Zoflora to help disinfect the sink and to help disguise the smell that white vinegar has.
Both of these household products can be picked up cheaply, will last a long time and can also be used to clean many other items in the kitchen as well as the bathroom.
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