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UFC 283 was a blast of an event. The first event of the year opened with a powerful bang. Some bouts were drastically terrifying for the audience as well as the commentators. If we start making with the most terrific fight on top, the women’s flyweight bout remains there undisputed. Lauren Murphy took on Jessica Andrade in the fight. Although younger than Murphy, the Brazilian fighter still dominated her in the octagon. All the viewers dreaded the fight as soon as Murphy received a hit just a few seconds in. In the middle of the fight, we can hear the popular UFC commentator Daniel Cormier screaming, “stop the fight!”.
All the fans present around the octagon supported Cormier by shouting the same alongside. However, the fight went on all five rounds till the last minute. Two popular sports analysts decided to comment on the situation. One of them is the ex-UFC fighter, Dan Hardy.
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The brutality faced by the American flyweight fighter was deadly, to say the least. DC decided to speak out in the middle of the fight to signal the referee to stop the fight. However, the judge saw it fit to keep the bout rolling. After the fight was over, popular sports analyst Marc Raimondi decided to appreciate Cormier’s display of mercy.
I think DC forgot he was on commentary for a second. Dude just shouted into the Octagon "stop the fight!" And he's right. #UFC283
— Marc Raimondi (@marcraimondi) January 22, 2023

I think DC forgot he was on commentary for a second. Dude just shouted into the octagon, ‘stop the fight!’ And he’s right,” tweeted Raimondi.
Good work @dc_mma!
Keeping “Stop Fight Fight!” alive!
I’ll get @NewShirtApparel to send you one of their shirts. 😂 https://t.co/7ufAA84rGC
— Dan Hardy (@danhardymma) January 22, 2023

To the same tweet, Dan Hardy, former UFC sports analyst, replied, “Good work @dc_mma! Keeping “stop fight fight!” Alive! I’ll get @newshirtsapparel to send you one of their shirts.” He said so because the apparel page he tagged has merch of Hardy’s popular “stop the fight”.
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The current incident can be recalled back to ‘UFC Fight Night 174’. The fight was between Francisco Trinaldo and Jai Herbert. The referee for the fight was the reputed Herb Dean. During the fight, Herbert can be observed getting destroyed, but Dean did not stop the fight.
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Fans can also hear Dan Hardy screaming into the octagon to “stop the fight”.
The fight did not stop, and the issue went on to grow even bigger. Hardy decided to verbally fight with the referee. This might have been repeated in UFC 283 if the analyst was still with the promotion.
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