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Cristiano Ronaldo will likely end his career in Saudi Arabia. The soccer legend is now playing for Al-Nassr in Riyadh. Ronaldo played for Manchester United in the Premier League and left after a controversial interview with Piers Morgan. In Riyadh, he met another legend who left UFC in almost a similar fashion. Former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou left the UFC in a controversial manner over failed negotiations. However, the duo caught up in Saudi Arabia and fans have gone wild. Moreover, one fan noticed something in the photo and the fans have given their mixed reaction to the tweet.
After being ‘free’ from the UFC, former heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou has been spending his time in Riyadh. There he met soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo and managed to click a photo.
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“Great talking with the [GOAT] in Riyadh today. Very inspirational! @Cristiano”
Great talking with the 🐐 in Riyadh today. Very inspirational! @Cristiano
— Francis Ngannou (@francis_ngannou) January 21, 2023

One fan saw something different about Cristiano Ronaldo’s toes.
Care to explain @cristiano ?????
— Mesrine 🩺👨🏻‍⚕️ (@medsrine) January 21, 2023

One fan answered his query.
Guy has painted nails like a woman
— SHARP GUY (@emmasleash1) January 22, 2023

Another social media user answered the question in a different way.
To prevent any injuries to the toe and bleeding under the toenail he’s always done it
— ‘ (@ftbIphanatics) January 21, 2023

Furthermore, one social media user thought the answer is parenthood.
Girl dad. It's not hard to understand
— Tengku Nazrin (@Nzrnazln) January 21, 2023

Moreover, one fan had a hilarious response as he thought that Ronaldo’s girlfriend is the person behind the nailpolish.
Georgina’s hand work. Without a doubt’
— Luke BO (@webjvm) January 21, 2023

However, there were fans of the sport that might be coming up with the correct answer. They even bashed the trolls that made fun of the soccer legend.
It's proof that you've never kicked a ball. The shoes damage the toenails and some players use this technique to protect their nails during this enduring sport. Look at my profile if you want i know what im talking about.
— 🇨🇲Ib Fashion And Beauty Space's🇨🇲🇨🇲 (@imtelcio_Ltd) January 22, 2023

Similarly, another fan cited the same reason.
Could also be because he wears to small of boots. At one time it was reported he wears two sizes to small for a better touch. I used to get horrible black bruises on my toes playing goalkeeper.
— C. (@Christo57464592) January 21, 2023

Furthermore, funny tweets were still coming in as replies.
Thought I was the only one that saw that😂😂😹😹
— Keto Zim🇳🇬🇨🇲 (@ZimKeto) January 22, 2023

One fan pointed out that Yoel Romero had done a similar thing in the past.
It helps the nails or the toes many athletes have done it like Yoel Romero
— THESIREN💀 (@SIRBEN1SIREN) January 21, 2023

Twitter has spoken about the interesting toenail of Cristiano Ronaldo. However, one cannot deny that both of these athletes are courageous in their own way.
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Francis Ngannou and Cristiano Ronaldo share a similar story in their respective sports. Ronaldo left Manchester United because he thought he wasn’t respected at the club. Similarly, Francis Ngannou demanded certain things from the UFC but failed in his endeavor.
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Furthermore, both athletes left with dignity from their club and promotion. It’s one of the rare occasions in any sport. Certainly, their fans have acknowledged their values and have respected them.
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What do you think about the athletes? Were they right in their actions? And what is your opinion on Cristiano Ronaldo’s toe nail?
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