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If you're looking to make the switch from cable to a live TV streaming service, you may be surprised by the options available. YouTube has become a powerhouse in streaming with the advent of YouTube TV, which offers more than 85 channels and unlimited DVR space in addition to the funny cat videos you've become accustomed to. And FuboTV may have started out as a soccer streaming service, but the platform has since grown to include all different types of sports coverage as well as news, lifestyle, entertainment, and family-friendly programming.
Due to their myriad of similarities, YouTube TV vs. FuboTV is a natural comparison that many streaming shoppers make before committing to one monthly subscription. To save you the grunt work of having to track down specifics, I did the research for you by testing both service's full range of features. Spoiler alert: The winner will not be the same for every reader.
Base price
$64.99/month ($54.99/month for first 3 months)
Free trial period
7 days
5 days
No. of plans
Sports coverage
ESPN, CBS Sports, NBC Sports, FS1 & 2, MLB Network, NBA TV, NFL Network, Golf Channel, beIN Sports, and more
ESPN, CBS Sports, NBC Sports, FS1 & 2, MLB Network, NBA TV, NFL Network, Golf Channel, and more
On-demand TV shows & movies?
No. of simultaneous streams
3 (unlimited screens is an add-on option)
Local channels?
FuboTV's standard plan, confusingly named the Pro plan, comes with more than 130 channels, including a host of local networks (the exact number varies based on your zip code). When you upgrade to the Elite or Ultimate plans, the lineup jumps to 190+ and 230+ channels, respectively.
YouTube TV offers many of the same networks as Fubo, but slightly fewer to start. If you want to add more than the 85+ included in the Base plan, you can do so through add-ons. Both services allow you to see the full list of channels available in your area before you subscribe, so you can determine whether FuboTV's additional offerings are worth the extra $5 per month.
What you will find on each platform is an array of news, sports, lifestyle, entertainment, kids, and Spanish content. However, there are some notable channels missing. Neither FuboTV nor YouTube TV subscribers have access to Lifetime, A&E, or the History Channel, but all three of those are available with Hulu + Live TV. And unlike Fubo, YouTube has CNN and TNT, which, for some TV watchers, may be a must-have.
When I started my free trial of FuboTV, I was immediately impressed with how customizable it is. Subscribers select their favorite channels, which are then bookmarked at the top of their 'guide' for quick access. Since Fubo originally started as a sports streaming platform, it's not surprising that the service also offers quite a bit of personalization in that category. FuboTV will automatically record your favorite teams so that you never miss a game. You can do the same thing with your favorite TV shows. Though Fubo's profile setup takes a bit longer than YouTube's, it allows for a more tailored viewing experience. 
Both streamers' interfaces are easy to use, with tabs for movies, TV shows, sports, and live content. Each one uses a cable-esque grid guide to show you what's on TV right now. While Fubo doesn't alphabetize its channels, the platform earns points for keeping your 'favorited' channels at the top of the guide. 
FuboTV may win for customization, but YouTube TV has an impressive set of DVR capabilities. Every subscriber gets unlimited recording space across six accounts at no extra cost. Even with Fubo's most expensive package (the Ultimate plan), subscribers only get 1,000 hours of storage space. However, it should be noted that YouTube TV recordings expire after nine months while FuboTV recordings never expire.
The base plan is $54.99 per month for the first three months
FuboTV's base plan, the Pro plan, costs $69.99 per month, while its upgraded packages, the Elite and Ultimate plans, cost $79.99 per month and $99.99 per month, respectively. There's also a Latino package for $33 per month that includes 45 Spanish-language channels.
YouTube TV's pricing structure is a bit simpler, with a base plan that costs $64.99 per month, though new users get a total of $30 off during the first three months of their subscription, bringing the cost per month down to $54.99. Like Fubo, YouTube TV offers a Spanish plan — $24.99 per month for the first six months, then the price increases to $34.99 per month. It comes with nearly 30 channels dedicated to live sports, news, telenovelas, family-focused programming, and more.
Unlike most cable providers, both streamers allow you to cancel your subscription without penalty at any time, so there are no long-term contracts or hidden fees to worry about.
Both FuboTV and YouTube TV allow you to tailor your viewing experience through various add-ons, which aim to appeal to different types of customers. Here's an overview of the bundle options available on each streamer:
* $7.99/month – 40+ additional entertainment, news, sports, and music channels
* $19.99/month – Starz, Showtime, and Epix bundle
* $29.99/month – HBO Max, Starz, and Showtime bundle
* $4.99/month – 6 outdoor and extreme sports channels
* $6.99/month – 10 international sports channels
* $9.99/month – 8 additional sports channels
* $10.99/month – 30 additional sports channels, including NFL RedZone
* $14.99/month – up to 40 out-of-market NBA games per week through NBA League Pass
* $10.99/month – 14 additional sports channels
* $2.99/month – 12 additional news channels
* $9.99/month – 9 additional Spanish-language entertainment channels
* $19.99/month – 20+ additional Spanish channels
* $14.99/month – 25+ additional Spanish channels
Single channel
* AMC Premiere ($4.99/month)
* Fox Nation ($5.99/month)
* Epix ($5.99/month)
* Pantaya ($5.99/month)
* Starz ($8.99/month)
* Showtime ($10.99/month)
* 35 options at varying prices
Unlimited screens
* $9.99/month
* $5.99/month – Family Share allows for three simultaneous streams
* $14.99/month – add-on includes 4K viewing on some, but not all, content
Cloud DVR
* $9.99/month – 250 hours of DVR space
* $16.99/month – 1,000 hours of DVR space
* The base plan comes with unlimited DVR space at no extra cost
Other languages
* RAI Italia ($8.99/month)
* TV5Monde ($9.99/month)
* Portuguese Plus ($14.99/month)
Without a doubt, FuboTV has the better sports add-ons. Two of the bundles offer a diverse selection of sports while a third is dedicated solely to international sports. Another is just for NBA League Pass and a fifth covers outdoor and extreme sports, like fishing and motorsports. Italian, French, and Portuguese speakers also have dedicated channel add-ons with Fubo.
If you're looking to add individual channels to your base plan, YouTube TV has more to choose from, but depending on your interests, it may make more sense to sign up for a bundle rather than a single network. Before subscribing to either streaming service, I recommend figuring out what your total cost per month will be for each by adding up all the channels you want.
A free trial is a great way to determine if a platform's channels and features meet your streaming needs. I'm happy to report that both FuboTV and YouTube TV offer free trials, meaning I didn't have to pay for two subscriptions in order to write this article. FuboTV's free trial lasts seven days while YouTube TV's lasts five days
Overall, I found FuboTV's free trial to be more comprehensive. Potential subscribers can test out any of the four plans, including Fubo's most extensive package, the 230-channel Ultimate plan. Plus, all of FuboTV's add-ons are accessible during that weeklong period. No other streamer I've come across includes add-ons in its trial, so this element really stood out.
Live sports may not come to mind when you think of a traditional streaming service, but many of the top platforms have dedicated a great deal of time to improving their offerings in this space as a way to draw in more subscribers. After all, who's more loyal than a sports fan? 
FuboTV is one of the best, if not the best, live TV options for sports aficionados. Along with NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL coverage, the platform streams NASCAR, golf, tennis, boxing, and college sports events. As mentioned above, there are five sports-focused add-ons that give you access to even more games, highlights, and commentary.
In addition to its International Sports Plus bundle ($6.99/month), Fubo offers RAI Italia ($8.99/month), which covers Coppa Italia matches, and French network TV5Monde ($9.99/month), for Ligue 1 soccer and Rugby Top 14, as single channel add-ons.
YouTube TV features the same standard sports coverage as Fubo through CBS Sports, NBC Sports, ESPN's family of channels, the Fight Network, the Golf Channel, and more. Depending on your zip code, you may get a handful of local sports channels through YouTube and Fubo, but neither streaming platform has as many regional sports networks as DirecTV Stream
My recommendation: If you look forward to the sound of skates hitting the ice, international soccer matches, or Sundays filled with chili and football, FuboTV is a no-brainer. It offers the most robust sports coverage and can be customized around your favorite teams.
– Amazon Fire TV
– Android mobile
– Android TV/Google TV
– Apple TV
– Chromecast
– Hisense
– iPhone/iPad/iPod
– Mac and PC browsers
– Roku
– Samsung Smart TV
– Vizio SmartCast TV
– Xbox One
– Amazon Fire TV
– Android mobile/tablets
– Android TV/Google TV
– Apple TV
– Chromecast
– Hisense
– iPhone/iPad
– Mac and PC browsers
– PS5/PS4
– Roku
– Samsung Smart TV
– TiVo Stream 4K
– Vizio SmartCast TV
– Xbox Series X, Series S, One, One X, and One S
– Xfinity Flex
* Base plan comes with more than 130 channels
* Highly customizable with 20+ add-ons
* Free trial includes add-ons
* Can watch on up to 10 devices at once
* Comprehensive sports coverage
* Free trial
* $30 off across your first three months
* Unlimited cloud-based DVR space
* Supports up to six accounts
* 4K viewing feature comes with a 30-day free trial
* Add-ons quickly drive up the price per month
* Limited number of regional sports networks
* Only one English-language base plan
* 4K Ultra High Definition playback isn’t available for all content
FuboTV and YouTube TV are both great options for streaming live and on-demand content, including your favorite sports. But I'm going to keep my YouTube subscription over Fubo.
Since their channel offerings are similar, my decision came down to one thing: price. Though YouTube TV's monthly price is just $5 less than FuboTV's (about $65 vs. $70), it's an extra $60 a year I'm happy to save after determining that I don't need Fubo's extra channels. Plus, new subscribers pay just $54.99 per month for the first three months, saving an additional $30 upfront. 
However, if you plan to stream a lot of sports, it's impossible to discount FuboTV. With access to over 100 sporting events and the ability to add on channels like NFL RedZone, NBA TV, NHL Network, and MLB Network for a more customized viewing experience, FuboTV is the best streaming service for sports. It'll also appeal to large families given that one account can support unlimited streams on up to 10 devices.
No matter what streamer you choose, you'll have hundreds of hours of excellent content at your fingertips.
In order to provide comprehensive and unbiased reviews, our writers test each of the streaming services highlighted. When possible, we try out the platforms using a free trial, but will pay for a subscription if a trial period is not offered.
Comparing each service to its competitors is an important part of the research process so that we can help readers make the smartest buying decisions. Our research team collected data on more than 40 different streamers, allowing us to compare and contrast platform features, price, available channels, and more.
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