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Genshin Impact Update 2.6 has added a brand new sub-area to Liyue with the Great Chasm, similar to how patch 2.4 expanded the island realm of Inazuma with Enkanomiya. Just like back then you’ll have to unlock access to the underground area in order to take on the new story quests located there. This is done as part of the world mission ‘The Chasm Delvers’ – this guide will show you how to destroy the Geo seals blocking access to the Great Chasm in Genshin Impact.

Once you have downloaded Patch 2.6, you will find two new missions at the Adventurer’s Guild in Liyue – Katherine will provide you with the new Archon mission, and Lan standing next to her will offer you a world mission. Both quests take you to the Great Chasm. This consists of an above-ground area as well as an underground region, the latter of which you have to open first. It’s counterintuitive that unlocking the region doesn’t take place over the course of the main Archon mission, even though it asks you to find a way to the underground area, but don’t let this confuse you, just follow our instructions.

Follow ‘The Chasm Delvers’ – talk to the officer Munling, who Lan sent you to, and follow his instructions to find another adventurer. This guild member will send you out to get the Lumen Stone, which you’ll need later on down in the mines. Afterward, you’ll get the chance to unblock the Geo seals that block access to the depths. Even if you’ve located them beforehand and figured out the right method of your own intuition, unlocking the seals won’t work until you’ve come to this point in the quest.
To unlock the seals, destroy the glowing Geo-rocks nearby and activate the empty constructs around the floating seals, which are connected to them by strands of Geo energy. After the activation, you need to hit these constructs with a melee attack to create an energy blast that will damage the seal. Do this with all the constructs around the Geo seal and it will shatter on the ground.

Follow this process for the remaining four stone seals – the locations will be marked on your map and you will also receive a note with the locations you can check in your inventory.
Once you have destroyed the last seal, which is a bit hidden at the end of a tunnel, the entrance to the underground area of the Great Chasm will open and you can finally begin to explore the new area properly. Make sure to check our codes guide for Genshin Impact to activate the newest promo code giving you 60 Primo Gems for free!
Written by Marco Wutz on behalf of GLHF.

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