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After dominating ADCC and establishing himself as the best no-gi grappler on the planet, Gordon Ryan was looking to continue his revenge tour tonight (Thurs., Dec. 15, 2022) in a rematch with the last man to beat him: UFC veteran, Vinny Magalhaes. With Magalhaes out of commission, however, he’ll instead square off with former Danaher Death Squad teammate, Nick Rodriguez, on just 24-hour notice. The bout will serve as one of two “super” fights alongside former UFC champion Miesha Tate’s battle with Beatriz Mesquita.
MMAmania.com will deliver LIVE coverage of the main event below, as well as quick results for the rest of the UFC Fight Pass Invitational 3 main card starting at 9 p.m. ET.
The meat of the event, however, is the $25,000 one-night tournament. Haisam Rida vs. Patrick Gaudio and Mason Fowler vs. Pat Shahgholi make up half the bracket, Andy Varela vs. Luke Griffith and Richie Martinez vs. Oliver Taza the other.
We got an incredible 8-man absolute tournament going down tonight! 9pm ET / 6pm PT

Who is getting 3 wins and the crown? #FPI3 pic.twitter.com/N8xD9c5aLB
Gordon Ryan vs. Nick Rodriguez — Ryan def. Rodriguez by fastest escape
Miesha Tate vs. Beatriz Mesquita — Mesquita def. Tate by overtime submission (armbar)
FPI 3 Final — Fowler def. Griffith by fastest escape
FPI 3 Semifinal 2 — Griffith def. Taza by submission (rear naked choke) at 7:08
FPI 3 Semifinal 1 — Fowler def. Gaudio by submission (triangle choke) at 2:32
Richie Martinez vs. Oliver Taza — Taza def. Martinez by submission (heel hook) at 5:36
Andy Varela vs. Luke Griffith — Griffith def. Varela by overtime submission (rear naked choke)
Mason Fowler vs. Pat Shahgholi — Fowler def. Shahgholi by submission (armbar) at 4:58
Haisam Rida vs. Patrick Gaudio — Gaudio def. Rida by submission (triangle choke) at 6:14
Collar ties into a guard pull for Ryan. Rodriguez on top in half guard. Bit of a stalemate. Ryan seemingly happy to keep half guard and not go for full. There’s occasionally a bit of space, but they’ve been in this same position for several minutes now. Butterfly guard. Sweep attempt, can’t get it, wraps up guard and hunts for a good angle. Rodriguez pulls his arm free. Back to half guard. Five minutes in.
Back to full guard around 80 seconds later. Again to that same half guard, Ryan’s knee high. I apologize that I like the high-level grappling knowledge to properly articulate what’s been an eight-minute stalemate so far. Ryan sits up, Rodriguez considers an ankle pick, and Ryan flops back down. Ten-minute stalemate now.
Rodriguez makes a bit of space. Ryan shoves his leg away, then flops back into guard. Closed full guard. Rodriguez stands, jumps back down into guard. Ryan shoving Rodriguez’s face, seems to consider a strangle. Separation, back to that high knee half guard. The next time Rodriguez stands, Ryan latches onto an ankle. 50/50. Rodriguez tries a toe hold as Ryan attacks and it’s enough to make Ryan let go. Ryan again flops back to guard. This is boring enough that the announcers are trying to fan-cast various grapplers as Star Wars characters. Five minutes to go.
Rodriguez stands and circles a bit, then goes right back to that same high-knee half guard. Ryan briefly knocks him off balance. Rodriguez stands again. High knee half guard again. Rodriguez backs off a bit, back to the high knee half guard. Rodriguez stands, half-heartedly looks to get past the legs. Slowly circling. Time for overtime.
Ryan starts on the back. Rodriguez manages to turn into mount 16 seconds in.
Rodriguez’s turn. Gordon’s also out in 16.
Back to Ryan. Much better control this time. Rodriguez tries to roll, can’t get free. Over a minute. He manages the full two.
Back to Rodriguez. Gordon gets to mount in 29 seconds.
Gordon gets another good body lock. Rodriguez slips out at 1:15.
Rodriguez’s last at-bat. Body triangle. He wraps up a good RNC, but Ryan rides it out.
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