NBA Playoffs: Shaquille O’Neal reveals frustration over THIS Bucks star in Celtics series – Express

Bucks star Eric BledsoeGETTY
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Eric Bledsoe has so far struggled to make his mark on the playoff series for the Milwaukee Bucks and he was continuously teased by Celtics fans in the stands, who chanted “Who is Bledsoe?”.
After the first game, Boston Celtics point guard Terry Rozier had accidentally referred to Bledsoe as “Drew Bledsoe”.
And Bledsoe retaliated after Game 2 by saying he didn’t know who the “f*** Terry Rozier is.”
But Bledsoe got off to a blistering start in Game 7 before being sent to the bench.Shaquille O'NealGETTY
He’s finally shown up. We’ve asked him to come out and play and so far he’s come through
Shaquille O’Neale
He scored 12 points on 4-out-of-5 shooting as Bucks trailed Celtics 50-42 at the break.
And O’Neale thinks Bledsoe’s performance was a long time coming.
“Yes we’ve been asking for this all seven games,” O’Neale said during the half-time show.
“He’s finally shown up.
“We’ve asked him to come out and play and so far he’s come through.
“We’ve always known he had this ability to go one-on-one with a very strong guard.
“This is the Bledsoe we had confidence right here to go and attack.”
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