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With the 2022 NFL season upon us, cord-cutting fans will have a number of ways to stream games live each week.
Each year, the NFL continues in its expansion of streaming offerings and this season is no different. This season, the NFL has introduced its own exclusive streaming service, NFL+, which gives fans multiple viewing options for most regular season games. In addition to NFL+, the major live TV streaming services in the United States remain as an option to watch most major networks that broadcast NFL games.
The above list indicates that there are a number of options to stream NFL games this season, but can fans tune in for free? While major streaming services charge monthly fees, most come with free trials. With savvy planning, you can catch a good amount of this season’s NFL action without paying.
Most streaming services grant you access to local broadcasts of NFL games, while other live streaming options depend on the network that is broadcasting the game. It’s worth noting that this season marks the first year in which “Thursday Night Football” is available exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.
We’ve got you covered with a complete breakdown of live streaming options for all NFL games on Thursdays, Sundays and Mondays.
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Below, find the live streaming options that give you access to watch NFL games shown in your local market on Sunday. Most weeks, three games are broadcast locally each Sunday.
Games that air on Fox will be available on and the Fox Sports app, while games that air on CBS will be aired on CBS-owned Paramount Plus. This season, fans can stream local regular season games on their mobile phone or tablet using NFL+, the league’s new exclusive streaming service.
Sling TV offers Fox in select markets but does not offer CBS.
The 2022 NFL season marks the first in which Amazon Prime holds exclusive rights to “Thursday Night Football.” From Weeks 2 through 16, a total of 15 NFL games will be streamed exclusively on Amazon Prime.
Games will be televised free in the local markets of the teams that are playing. Out-of-market viewers will need an Amazon Prime subscription to watch “Thursday Night Football.”
NBC is again the home of “Sunday Night Football,” and NBC-owned streaming service Peacock TV will offer a live-streaming option for each game.
Below are the other ways that viewers can stream “Sunday Night Football” in 2022. With NFL+, the league’s new exclusive streaming service, fans can stream primetime games on their mobile phone or tablet.
Sling TV only offers NBC in select markets.
ESPN will broadcast “Monday Night Football” for another season in 2022. Viewers will be able to stream “Monday Night Football” on ESPN’s website and app in addition to the streaming services below.
With NFL+, the league’s new exclusive streaming service, fans can stream primetime games on their mobile phone or tablet.
Yes. YouTube TV includes Fox, CBS, NBC and ESPN, meaning most primetime and all local-market games will be available for streamers to view.
YouTube TV also includes a package that contains NFL Redzone.
Yes. Hulu includes Fox, CBS, NBC and ESPN, so streamers will be able to view local-market and most primetime games with Hulu. 
Yes, but not all games. Sling TV offers two separate packages — Orange and Blue — and while the streaming service has ESPN, it only offers Fox and NBC in select markets.
Sling TV does not have CBS, meaning local-market games that air on CBS can not be streamed on Sling TV.
Yes. fuboTV includes Fox, CBS, NBC and ESPN, giving streamers the ability to watch all local-market and almost all nationally televised games.
All NFL games can be streamed live in Canada using DAZN. The streaming service is accessible on all smart TVs, mobile devices, computers and game consoles.
In Canada, DAZN comes with access to NFL Redzone and NFL Game Pass. That means viewers will be able to stream seven hours of commercial-free football live on Sundays and also will be able to watch replays live on demand with Game Pass.


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