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Two future first-round draft picks squared off when Michigan left tackle Taylor Lewan faced South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney at the 2013 Outback Bowl. But Lewan wants it known that he’s not to blame for the most famous play from that game, Clowney’s brutal hit on Michigan running back Vincent Smith.
Lewan said at the Scouting Combine that Clowney was the best player he ever played against, but that members of the media who talk about that one play misunderstand what happened. According to Lewan, the play called for he and the guard to double team the linebacker, and Clowney wasn’t Lewan’s responsibility.
“You can only control what you can control and whatever ESPN or NFL Network wants to put on their air is up to them,” Lewan said. “It was not my fault. I hate to say it like that because it’s like I am blaming other people, but it was a double-team between me and the guard on the backside linebacker. He just went unblocked. At the same time, whether he was unblocked or not, that was one hell of a hit.”
For people who want a fuller picture, there are videos that show dozens of plays on which Lewan blocked Clowney. Sometimes when they matched up Lewan got the better of the battle, and other times Clowney did. But there was no battle to be had on Clowney’s hit on Smith. That play, Clowney went untouched.
Is it just me or did that hit catapult Clowney into the concensus #1 overall pick talk.
If you watch that game Lewan owned him too most of the game.
That was a dream hit for defenders. Just a free, uninhibited shot at a guy when you’ve got some steam built up…
Dont block clowney . Very good run scheme
That was a great call by the Michigan Offensive Coordinator to leave Clowney unblocked on such a crucial play at the end of the game.
Grats to Clowney for taking advantage of an opportunity handed to him on a silver platter.
If you’re judging a player’s NFL stock based on one play, no matter how good or bad, you probably shouldn’t have anything to do with drafting players.
By the way…how many tackles did Clowney have during that game? Two?
Not dissing on Clowney, just keeping it real
Lewan is more overrated than Clowney by a country mile, and this is just another sad excuse to cover up that fact.
Maybe he can explain how he was beat like a drum by William Gholston in 2012 and then by Shilique Calhoun in 2013.
He was already a consensus top pick after finishing 6th in the Heisman voting that season and winning SEC DPOY. Funny how people either forget about that or just know nothing, and spout off about how that was his only great play.
Clowney was the RG’s guy. It’s called a trap block….the RG just whiffed.
Trying to get a completely unathletic RG over to trap Clowney was foolish on the OC’s part and whiffing on Clowney all together almost got the RB killed….but Lewan is right, it wasn’t his man.
Lewan said: “It was not my fault. I hate to say it like that because it’s like I am blaming other people…”
It sounds like you are blaming other people because you ARE blaming other people.
Why did Lewan have to say any of this to begin with? He’s the leader of the UM O-Line and regardless of whether it was his assignment or not, he should’ve just owned up as a group failure and just let the tape absolve him, instead of levying fault.
All this does is make him sound like a whiny guy who’ll throw the guys he led under the bus to move up one or two slots.
Way to lay someone out at the Combine. Nothing dickish about that.
I’m sure that makes Vincent Smith feel better
The people who are in love with Clowney for one play are the same people who think Vick is a good QB b/c he made some highlight reel plays. All window dressing. These people might as well be watching games with their girlfriends.
I am frustrated about the commotion with Jadaveon Clowney for one reason.
He should have amassed more than 10 sacks this season, not three. His motor is questionable and Steve Spurrier has openly questioned his work ethic.
Best of luck to him, but if he thinks his talent will get him to star status in the pros, he has a 300 plus pound linemen waiting to prove him otherwise.
Yeah, that’s a missed block on the RG. Took his time getting over there to trap clowney.
Taylor Lewan is Richie Incognito 2.0. He’s a complete scumbag and probably the dirtiest player I’ve ever seen in college football. If you have any doubt whatsoever about this all you need to do is watch the Michigan vs. Michigan State game from November 2nd of last year. He’s constantly grabbing opposing players facemasks after the play and twisting their heads around and doing all kinds of other outlandish garbage. The refs had at least 3 different talks with him about his disgustingly dirty play but for some unknown reason they didn’t eject him from the game. Both commentators of the game agreed that he should have been kicked out.
By the way Michigan State won 29-6
That play and that game pretty much defines Clowney.
He was unblocked but the explosiveness is there for all to see– He blasts through that gap big time.
But overall he seems to me more an outstanding physical specimen. He doesn’t seem to have great football sense.
clowney should be avoided at the top of the draft. i would make an analogy to vontaze burfict. but for different reasons. clowney is an immature narcissist.
clowney, manziel and bridgewater are all risky top of the draft picks. the safer and smarter money goes with khalil mack for def player and blake bortles for qb.
People crack me up.
75% of NFL Fans are already saying Clowney is going to be a bust and a flop, and in 5 years if he’s the best DE in the league they’ll be all over him.
Just like when Ndamukong Suh was at Nebraska and ripping off Colt McCoy’s head and everyone was cheering his name. Now, Suh is one of the most hated players in the NFL and he hasn’t switched his game up from college to the pros.
They needed a guard and a LT to double a LB? OK.
It’s the only meaningful thing clowney did in college, and it was a broken play.
Fact of the matter is both of these players greatly increased their draft stock on that day. Lewan because of the overall game he played against Clowney and Clowney because of a big hit he made because he was unblocked.
Yes, Clowney is off the charts as far as his athleticism. If Clowney fails to live up to his billing, will he be the first freak athlete to do so? Hell no. Audray Bruce, Tony Mandarich, Quentin Coryatt, Johnny Mitchell, Marvin Jones, Blair Thomas, Mike Mamula,………………………….
kinda in shock how many ppl dislike Clowney in this post.smh Lewan is the one who comes off as a me 1st type guy in this.Didnt he also blame a rape victim recently while defending his teammate the kicker?
Watching the film, Clowney probably should have been the TE’s or the FB’s. He was outside the tackle on a counter to the TE side, and would have been an easy wash for the TE. He crossed both the TE’s and FB’s face on the way to the hit, and a darn good hit it was. So technically he is right, there should have been a double team with the G, on the DT up to the back side backer.
Clowney needs to go to an older team that has strong leadership. Needs defensive lineman around him that will help him learn to be a professional. Clowneys effort on gameday, supposedly bad practice habits and his questionable love for the game, are all huge concerns. I think he might be the next Vernon Gholston..
Clowney is going to get eaten up in the NFL… just the thought of him playing against Luke Joeckel, Anthony Constanzo and Michael Roos twice a year should make him really nervous .. I think all three of them would make easy work of him, no matter how fast he is in underwear
Maybe the OC at the time thought that Clowney was going to take the play off at that time, and they could get away with one. Just sayin
omg Clowney is liek the best player ever did you see him hit the rb really hard on that one play? #1 pick overall 4 sure dude
His tape is so bad, he does not line up right half the time, he takes more than half of the plays off, he plays against the weaker tackles, he loses the ball carrier and his body (especially his footwork) is out of position on almost every play.. he may be a freak athlete, and that works in college, but he needs a lot of work and he has to be willing to put in the time or he will never live up to the potential, hence why he rubs people the wrong way, he could be the best DE to ever play the game if he would bring it, but that remains to be seen.
What about when Shilique Calhoun owned you? Not your fault neither?
Lewan is a beast..6’8 and 309 lbs n dude ran a 4.8???? He’s a dirty nasty player n I hate him cuz he’s from UM but hes gonna be a 12 year starter for whomever drafts him.
Lewan’s other hobbies include witness intimidation and assault. Google it because for some reason they won’t let me talk about it here.
And yes, as stated above by lionsdraftguy, Shilique Calhoun absolutely owned him when they played Michigan State.
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