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Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) returns to its APEX facility in Las Vegas, Nevada, for the UFC Vegas 59 mixed martial arts (MMA) event TONIGHT (Sat., Aug. 6, 2022), streaming LIVE on both ESPN and ESPN+. UFC Vegas 59 will be headlined by the 205-pound showdown between former light heavyweight title challenger, Thiago Santos, and surging striking sensation, Jamahal Hill. Before that five-round clash of styles gets underway, welterweight fan favorites Vicente Luque and Geoff Neal look to make their mark in the crowded 170-pound division in the UFC Vegas 59 co-main event. In addition, flyweight and heavyweight champions will be crowned in a pair of hard-hitting The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 30 season finals this weekend in “Sin City.”
TOP RANKED MIDDLEWEIGHT STANDOUTS COLLIDE! Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) kicks off 2023 with another exciting event inside UFC Apex in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Sat., Jan. 14, 2023, headlined by No. 7-ranked Middleweight contender, Sean Strickland, who steps up on super short notice to lock horns with No. 12-seeded Nassourdine Imavov. In UFC Vegas 67’s co-main event, Bantamweight bangers Umar Nurmagomedov and Raoni Barcelos hook ‘em up for a spot in the 135-pound title chase.

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MMAmania.com will deliver LIVE round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage of the entire UFC Vegas 59 fight card below, starting with the ESPN/ESPN+ “Prelims” undercard bouts at 8 p.m. ET, followed by the ESPN/ESPN+ main card start time at 10 p.m. ET. Bet on all the UFC Vegas 59 action with our friends at DraftKings Sportsbook right here.
Keep in mind that we will also be the spot for the latest news, recaps, and post-fight analysis following “Santos vs. Hill.” Without further delay, see below for the updated UFC Vegas 59 results. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action).
Thiago Santos vs. Jamahal Hill — Hill def. Santos by TKO (elbows) at 2:31 of Round Four — HIGHLIGHTS
Vicente Luque vs. Geoff Neal — Neal def. Luque by KO (punches) at 2:01 of Round Three — HIGHLIGHTS
Zac Pauga vs. Mohammad Usman — Usman def. Pauga by KO (punch) at 0:36 of Round Two — HIGHLIGHTS
Brogan Walker vs. Julianna Miller — Miller def. Walker by TKO (punches and elbows) at 3:57 of Round Three
Augusto Sakai vs. Sergey Spivak — Spivak def. Sakai by TKO (punches) at 3:42 of Round Two
Ariane Lipski vs. Priscila Cachoeira — CANCELED (details)
Erick Gonzalez vs. Terrance McKinney — McKinney def. Gonzalez by submission (rear naked choke) at 2:17 of Round One — HIGHLIGHTS
Sam Alvey vs. Michal Oleksiejczuk — Oleksiejczuk def. Alvey by TKO (punches) at 1:56 of Round One — HIGHLIGHTS
Bryan Battle vs. Takashi Sato — Battle def. Sato by KO (head kick) at 0:44 of Round One — HIGHLIGHTS
Josh Quinlan vs. Jason Witt — Moved to UFC San Diego (details)
Miranda Granger vs. Cory McKenna — McKenna def. Granger by submission (Von Flue choke) at 1:03 of Round Two
Stephanie Egger vs. Mayra Bueno Silva — Silva def. Egger by submission (armbar) at 1:17 of Round One
Round 1: Low kicks from Santos. He shoots, denied. One minute in. Hill steadily advancing. Santos head kick attempt. Both swing big and just miss. Jab lands for Hill. Santos shoots once again two minutes in. Pressing Hill against the fence. Can’t get the single-leg. Two minutes to go.
Santos eats a knee to the groin. They resume at range. Hill falls short with a head kick, eats a leg kick. More low kicks from Santos with a minute to go. Hill tries a flurry. 1-1-2. Wheel kick attempt from Santos, then a hard counter right. 10-9 Santos.
Round 2: Low kicks from Hill. One seems to really bother Santos. Head kick attempts from both. One minute in. Both try jabs. Body kick by Santos, who takes Hill down against the fence. Hill immediately gets back to his feet. Santos tries a single-leg, then tries to spin. Hill cracks him with a right hook on the exit and looks to swarm before tying up on the fence. Hard knee from Santos gets Hill to separate. Check hook by Hill, 2-3 from Santos. Santos swinging heat and finds the mark with a clean right hook. Two minutes to go.
Hill just misses with a head kick as Santos tries to spin. Ugly right hook attempt, clean jab. Santos jabs the body. One minute to go. Hill lead left and right hook. Santos tries to spin. Good low kick. Big flurry by Santos, who gets cracked by a right hook and waves Hill on. Double jab stings Santos and they slug it out at the end. 10-9 Hill.
Round 3: Hill lands a body kick, surrenders a takedown against the fence. Quickly back to his feet. One minute in. Santos runs the pipe, tries to jump on his back, slips off the top. He shoots in once again. Hill defending against the fence. Two minutes in. Another successful takedown from Santos. Hill working his way up against the fence, eats a knee. Two minutes to go.
Another takedown from Santos, who looks for the back. Hill stands again, lands some hard knees. He avoids a takedown and Santos comes out swinging before Hill ties up with a minute to go. Santos reverses and changes levels. Punches from Hill as he defends. Good body shot from Santos, who eats a hard knee in return. One more takedown. 10-9 Santos.
Round 4: Hill low kick. Santos tries a body kick. Santos tries a flying knee, eats a combo, lands big shots in return. One minute in. Clean 1-2 by Hill, who eats a body kick and low kicks in return. Santos tries to run to gets space and eats a heavy flurry. Trading bombs on the fence. Big right hook and down goes Santos. Hill trying to put him away, pouring on damage on the ground. Monstrous elbows and in comes the ref.
Final result: Hill def. Santos by TKO (elbows)
Round 1: Low kick to body kick from Luque. Neal lands a body kick of his own. Stiff jab on the counter, sneaky lead left. Nice exchanges already. One minute in. Nice counter left and body kick from Neal, then a 1-2. Luque leg kick. Heavy 1-2 hurts Luq. Neal trying to pour it on against the fence, but eats Luque’s signature left hook and backs off. Two minutes in. Cross counter and left hook by Luque. Another left hook. Sharp 1-2 by Neal in return. Luque continuing to pressure. Neal continually finding the mark with his straight left. Again, sharp combo with two minutes to go.
Luque body kick, slips. Combo from Neal in return. Another 1-2 buzzes Luque’s legs. Neal continuing to potshot on the fence. Another 1-2 drops Luque, who scrambles up and separates. One minute to go. Sharp jabs by Neal. Lead left. Another combo wobbles Luque’s legs yet again. 10-8 Neal.
Round 2: They trade low kicks to start. Hook exchange. Double left by Neal, low kick from Luque. One minute in. Both fire front kicks downstairs. Body kick exchange. Neal lead left, Luque front kick and body kick. Two minutes in. Quick exchange in the center. Another lead left by Neal. Luque pounding the body kicks. Neal counter left, Luque right cross. Lead elbow by Luque to answer a straight left. Neal hits a takedown with two minutes to go.
Luque stands, lands a heavy elbow in the clinch. Both blast elbows. Neal with a powerful combo on the exit, working against the fence. One minute to go. Body shots from Luque, heavy leg kick. Neal shoots, denied, eats an elbow. Another Luque body kick. Both land straights. 10-9 Luque.
Round 3: Neal tries a level change, denied, lands a straight left after eating a low kick. Luque low kick, Neal straight left again. More kicks from Luque. One minute in. Sharp straight left by Neal. Again. Again. Again. Again. Luque low kicks. Another 1-2 hurts Luque yet again. Neal lands about a hundred uppercuts, then crumples Luque with another straight left.
Final result: Neal def. Luque by KO (punches)
Round 1: Pauga rushes out with a front kick attempt. Both fire jabs. Counter two-piece by Usman, eats a low kick and body jab. Superman jab lands for Pauga, then an oblique kick a minute in. Usman shrugs off a head kick, tries a takedown, lands a two-piece on the fence. Hard low kicks from Pauga. Big whiff from Usman two minutes in. Big looping right appears to buzz Pauga, who backs off and gets his bearings. Both land hard rights. Front kick to the body from Pauga. Two minutes to go.
Jab by Usman. Lots of feints, limited connections later in the round. Usman whiffs on a right hook, Pauga on a two-piece. Head kick attempt form Pauga, body kick and jab connect with a minute to go. Nice counter left by Usman as Pauga rushes in. Rushing right hook from Usman. Pauga low kick and double jab. 10-9 Pauga.
Round 2: Pauga rushes in one too many times and gets poleaxed by a counter hook. Damn.
Final result: Usman def. Pauga by KO (punch)
Round 1: Early exchange. Good 1-2 by Miller and Walker puts her on the fence. Jockeying for position and it’s Miller landing a trip into half guard. One minute in. Walker holding her close, landing little arm punches. Two minutes in. Walker regains guard with just over two minutes to go.
Elbows and hammerfists by Miller as Walker tries to bring her guard up. One minute to go. Brief armbar attempt from Walker, abandons it. 10-9 Miller.
Round 2: Jab and low kick from Miller. Walker’s left eye is really swelling up. Another jab from Miller and a left hook as they exchange. Nice teep by Walker and a wound-up left hand into the clinch. One minute in. Miller ends up on top. Walker turns for a leg, tries to stand but gets stuck in turtle. Miller looks for the back after denying another attempt to rise. Two minutes in. Both hooks in, looking for the RNC. Miller putting on the squeeze but it’s on the chin. No dice. Walker scramble free and ends up on top. Now she’s looking to take the back. Miller makes it to her feet with two minutes to go.
They separate. Walker ties up and immediately gets reversed against the fence. Solid knee by Miller. Sneaky elbow. She trips Walker down with a minute to go. She postures up for some heavier blows before the bell. 10-9 Miller.
Round 3: Counter hook lands for Miller. Jab exchange. Low kick to right hand by Walker. Awkward exchange in the center. Hard counter jab lands for Miller. One minute in. Walker falling short on all her big swings. Teep lands for her. They tie up and Miller lands a knee as she’s taken to the fence. Another takedown from Miller, looking for mount two minutes in. Got it. Dropping hard elbows. Continuing to pile up shots with two minutes to go.
Yet more elbows landing for Miller. Brutal hammerfists as well. Walker trying to bridge to no effect and in comes the ref.
Final result: Miller def. Walker by TKO (punches and elbows)
Round 1: Spivak looking to jab early, lands a nice inside trip. Holding onto a front headlock as Sakai stands. Loses it. Sakai drives a knee to the body and gets tripped to the mat for his trouble. Ground-and-pound from Spivak. One minute in. Solid punches. North-south, then side control. Landing punches as Sakai tries to stand, gets a hook in. Two minutes in. Sakai gets to his feet, can’t separate. Dragged back to a knee. Again he stands, again he’s taken down with two minutes to go.
Side control for Spivak. Sakai gets to his knees, eating punches. Now Spivak takes the back. He tries a no-hooks RNC, but loses position and Sakai stands with a minute to go. Solid knees and elbow from Sakai on the break. Hard lead right by Spivak, who ties up once again. A few more knees from Sakai. 10-9 Spivak.
Round 2: Cross and jab from Spivak. Overhand right into a level change, denied. Solid jabs landing for Spivak. Jab to level change, nice takedown near the fence. Sakai’s nose is leaking something fierce a minute in. He manages to stand and get in on his own level change. Spivak landing hammerfists as he defends. Strong hip toss puts Spivak on top again, landing punches. Two minutes in. Posturing up for hammerfists. Sakai turns to his knees, continues to eat punches. Two minutes to go.
Ref warns Sakai to fight back. Spivak continuing to land, and once he takes the back, the ref steps in.
Final result: Spivak def. Sakai by TKO (punches)
Round 1: McKinney advancing, looking to potshot on the fence. Gonzalez slips, blocks the subsequent flurry. Body kick. Stiff jabs from McKinney. Counter uppercut, straight left. Uppercut to right hook. Gonzalez catches a knee a minute in. McKinney responds with knees to the body and an elbow upstairs. Huge simultaneous connection. More straight lefts from McKinney, who dumps Gonzalez to the mat with an easy double-leg. Half guard for McKinney. Gonzalez gets to his knees, but McKinney jumps on his back as he stands and wraps up the RNC. Gonzalez gives a half-hearted thumbs-up, then taps seconds later.
Final result: McKinney def. Gonzalez by submission (rear naked choke)
185 lbs.: Sam Alvey vs. Michal Oleksiejczuk
Round 1: Oleksiejczuk comes out slugging, stalking Alvey against the fence and winging huge shots. Alvey dings him with a right hook, but Oleksiejczuk continues to pursue and levels Alvey with a looping overhand left. Gnarly ground-and-pound and Oleksiejczuk has the crucifix a minute in. Alvey gets to his knees, eating bomb after bomb on the way up. He shoots, denied. Oleksieczuk swinging for the fences and another megaton left hand floors Alvey for the finish.
Final result: Oleksiejczuk def. Alvey by TKO (punches)
Round 1: Battle tosses out some kicks to start. Body shots by Sato, eats a low kick in return. Out of nowhere, Battle sticks out a lead right, and as Sato’s hands move to intercept, he follows up with a picture-perfect right head kick. Sato’s out before he hits the mat.
Final result: Battle def. Sato by KO (head kick)
Round 1: Granger low kick, McKenna 1-1-2. Another nice low kick by Granger. Solid combo by McKenna, eats another low kick. Low-high 3-2 from McKenna into the clinch a minute in. Jockeying for position. McKenna looking to lock her hands, successfully trips her down against the fence. Granger stands, gets slammed back down into guard nearer the center. Two minutes in. Half guard now, McKenna dropping solid left hands. Two minutes to go.
McKenna continuing to chip away. Granger not offering much from her back. One minute to go. McKenna looking for mount, settles for side control when Granger tries to bridge. Considering an arm triangle, locks it up and gets to the correct side. Granger turns an interesting shade of red, but manages to wait it out. 10-9 McKenna.
Round 2: McKenna catches an early kick, takes her to the fence, and slams her into side control. Granger holds onto the headlock, which allows McKenna to drive her shoulder into Granger’s neck and draw the tap via Von Flue choke.
Final result: McKenna def. Granger by submission (Von Flue choke)
Round 1: They fire low kicks to start. Front kick by Silva. She grabs a body lock and gets tripped to the mat. Egger on top in guard, looking for short punches. One minute in. Silva spins for an armbar, and while there’s no visible tap, Silva lets go and claims Egger tapped. Off to the replay booth. There’s no angle that shows Egger’s left hand, so Tognoni polls the judges. One of them swears “100%” that he saw a tap, so it’ll go down as a submission win for Silva.
Final result: Silva def. Egger by submission (armbar)
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